Posted by: loveandsplendor | October 1, 2007

roll on you bears!

what a weekend for the california golden bears!  as many of you already know, i attended cal (aka berkeley) for my undergraduate education.  it was an incredible place to attend college, especially coming from suburban orange county!  i fell in love with the sights, the sounds, and the energy coming from every corner of that campus.  i also fell in love with the man who would become my husband while we were students there. 🙂

perhaps most exhilirating during my college experience was witnessing the evolution of a college football team.  much to my husband’s delight, i absolutely love watching football. there is nothing like the excitement of sitting standing in the student section and screaming your lungs out for the team.  cal was not much of a football school when we arrived on campus… i think they were 1-10 our freshman year.  ouch!  but then came tedford…and coach tedford has completely changed the dynamic of the team since his arrival in 2002.  as a result, erik & i had the thrill of watching many incredible games during our time at cal.  do you remember our magical defeat of usc (in triple overtime!) in 2003? cal truly became a team to be reckoned with in college football.

this weekend…cal defeated oregon and moved up to the #3 spot in the polls.  we haven’t held a #3 ranking since 1952.  i am overjoyed!  we are now 5-0. the bears will be in town in a few weeks to play ucla… and i *just* might be there to witness it. 🙂

go bears!

cal view

(a beautiful view of campus shot by my husband, 2004)



  1. I used to run around that campus as a lil 5 year old with my sister, while my dad taught there. Jaggy wears my old CAL sweater…its vintage now~ Ha!! Go Bears!

  2. What a beautiful shot!

  3. Angel, you know you and I won’t be friends when ucla and cal plays…because, my two favorite teams are UCLA and whoever is playing USC. therefore, you and i can’t be friends during the game! 😉

  4. Go Bears! Although my favorite thing about college was not football. It had to be the food. Berkeley has the BEST FOOD!!!
    I had fun reminiscing with you last night about…

    …smart alex’s A+
    …gelateria naia (aka mondo)
    …sufficient grounds
    …la note!!! we forgot la note!!! chicken apple sausage and rosemary potatoes and lavender creme brulee.


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