Posted by: loveandsplendor | October 19, 2007


yesterday afternoon i returned home after a very busy schedule of meetings. i was tired and ready to change into my sweats and curl up with a book. as i approached my door, i nearly stopped in my tracks at the sight of a tall glass vase overflowing with happy orange tulips. my first thought was — who would send me flowers?? haha erik, as romantic as he is, hasn’t sent me flowers since the summer of 2003! on that occasion, i had returned from vacationing in europe and i discovered ONE HUNDRED long-stemmed red roses on my doorstep. needless to say, i was swooning. i think he has at least another year before he has to buy me flowers again. 😉

imagine my delight when i discovered that the beautiful blooms were sent to me by two of my current clients!! their incredible wedding will be held in june ’08. when the bride to be was in town last week (they live in NY), we spent a lovely day visiting some of LA’s best florists. the flowers were just a sweet thank you they wanted to send along for my time… when all i was doing was my job! tears came to my eyes and i felt really affirmed, once again, in what i do. i have the most fantastic job, and the most darling clients! c+d — thank you once again for making my day!

anyway, the bright tulips have found their home on my dining table and they bring a smile to my face everytime i walk by. the florals were provided by the fabulous bobbe vagel. here’s a peek…



  1. tulips are such sweet, delightful flowers. you deserve them for the way you always go above and beyond!

  2. Sooo cute…what amazing clients! 🙂

  3. Aww!! I love tulips too 🙂 You totally deserve ’em, especially for the wonderful job that you do, for all of your clients! Can we puh-leez get together soon?? 🙂 😛

  4. Oh what pretty tulips!!! You definitely deserve them! 🙂

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