Posted by: loveandsplendor | October 21, 2007

me & my love

some of you may already have seen the beautiful photos the ultra-fabulous jasmine star took of me and my gorgeous husband, but i thought i’d share them here, too! jasmine star happens to be an extremely talented wedding photographer and i have just loved making her acquaintance. we just “click.” instant friends, just add water (or in our case, a tasty meal at ciudad and lots of laughter and uninhibited conversation).

erik and i just wanted one great photo of us for our annual Christmas card. last year i handmade over 100 cards and there is NO way i was gonna go that route again! anyway, we ended up with much more than just one great photo. due to jasmine’s talent and stylish eye, we came away with dozens of amazing options. i loved how she captured us just being happy, joyful and comfortable with each other. her photos also reminded me that my husband has to be the most beautiful man on the planet! 😉 erik and i sat and watched the slideshow together, and the images really evoked in me a deep sense of gratitude. my husband is such a gift to me.

here is a glimpse at some of jasmine’s fave images, as posted on her BLOG. if you’re not reading her blog, you are missing out! i love it for the eye candy and eloquent accounts of her work + life. her blog has more pictures from this shoot + the aforementioned slideshow.

jasmine — thank you sooo much for sharing your incredible gift with us! we had such a wonderful time with you and are so grateful for the images you captured. we just adore you and look forward to more adventures in the future! i am blessed to call you a friend. xoxo

p.s. jasmine & i enjoyed dinner @ mi piace afterwards, just chatting over comforting italian food. we didn’t let our snippy waitress ruin the meal. 😉 i also had the delight of introducing jasmine to one of my great loves… PINKBERRY! i couldn’t believe she hadn’t tried it yet, so i had to get her initiated! i am happy to report she is a new fan!

anyone who knows me knows this can’t be my pinkberry… i ALWAYS order medium original with double strawberry + cap’n crunch! although i must say their newest topping of pomegranate seeds is incredible!!!

the three amigos — me, jasmine + good ol’ pinkberry



  1. beautiful – you, erik, jasmine, pinkberry, and the photos!

    i love mi piace despite having a not so great waitperson here and there.

  2. Pinkberry sounds so delish right now! You and erik look so cute together, Jasmine* did such a beautiful job!!

  3. You and Erik are such a beautiful couple– you really do exude so much joy and happiness together! Jasmine Star did such a wonderful job.

    I still haven’t tried Pinkberry– maybe you can introduce me next time in LA!

  4. Yay!!! So gorgeous! You are Erik are such an amazing couple.

    And when I saw that pinkberry shot, the first thing I thought was, “Wait, that can’t be Angel’s. There’s no capt. crunch on it!!” Then I saw the caption. Phew, I would have been baffled all day!

    xoxo c u tonight

  5. You’re amazing…thank you for being so wonderful. You and Erik are simply fabulous! 🙂

  6. Angel, you and Erik are absolutely adorable! Jasmine did an incredible job!!

  7. Beautiful pics! Can’t wait to see you this weekend!

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