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karen + erik, october ’06 (yes, ’06!)

this is a mega flashback post that i just couldn’t keep from you all… although this wedding took place over a year ago, the memories of the perfectly enchanting day are so fresh in my mind. many of my clients might recognize photos from this event as it is featured on my website and often discussed in my consults. (psst…look up! my header photo also comes from this wedding!) truly, working on this event was unforgettable. so i thought it would be fun and nostalgic to look back on an event that i feel truly highlights my 2006 season. enjoy this glimpse back in time with me!

karen and i initially shared a handful of lingering phone calls just getting excited about details. i was instantly attracted to karen’s vision for her wedding; her great sense of style and design really came through in her discussion of ideas. i could tell right away that this was going to be something truly special and creatively satisfying to be a part of… and i was right! at our first meeting, it was an instant click! she signed a contract on the spot 🙂 and we were off to the races!

the overall feel of the wedding was lush, chic, romantic and inviting. every detail was so unique and fabulous, and played off of the whimsical and wonderful nature of the couple’s relationship. vibrant orange and red florals, accented by fresh greens and succulents, were set against a backdrop of champagne and mocha. it felt like a super posh house party! i had the supreme delight (seriously, i was holding back giddyness and unbridled joy) of working with the most amazing vendors, too. i fulfilled a major wedding planner fantasy by being able to work with rene & niki from r. jack balthazar who frankly, are giants in the biz. rene is a complete visionary and floral genius! the picture he painted at that first meeting had us all enraptured and ready to put every detail in his hands. the execution on the day of was nothing short of flawless; i was really blown away by everything he put together.. my favorite floral details included a dramatic floral “raft” floating in the pool, featuring a unique monogram, as well as a hand-woven “rug” of pressed leaves that set the stage for their wedding ceremony.

enjoy these first glimpses at the day, through the lenses of nate + jac from the image is found. they were the other pair of super vendors that i felt incredibly blessed (and THRILLED) to be working with on this luxe event. not only is their work so creative, dramatic, and unbelievably gorgeous… they are two of the most rad people to work with. their boundless talent is only surpassed by their awesomeness. i should know… i had the privilege of being in front of their camera earlier this year! in light of their cult following on their amazing photo BLOG, i consider myself especially lucky to get to enjoy them in person! yeeeeah, don’t be jealy!

the scene: the exquisite paramour estate perched in the hollywood hills

when karen purchased her shoes, she told me she knew i’d love them. of course these miu miu pumps were right up my alley… i love that my clients know me so well!!

the darling couple, lounging on a chaise

the utterly delicious bridal bouquet included majolica and vendela roses, fragrant tuberose, calla lillies and touches of chartreuse cymbidium orchids.

the aforementioned floral “raft”

instead of a traditional guestbook, karen dreamed up an incredible art piece that would be cherished long after the big day. abstract “shards” of colored plexiglass were punched with holes and ready to hang on the metal frame. guests had a blast decorating and signing them with metallic ink pens. as night fell, we illuminated the art piece with an amber light… it was truly something to behold. i LOVE this!!! the picture is perfect because if you look carefully, you can find my own signed plexiglass. 😉

as cocktail hour came to an end, Chinese lion dancers arrived to lead a processional toward the ballroom for an exciting performance! the pageantry and grandeur of it all was astonishing, and frightened a photographer or two. 😉

there is WAY too much beauty to fit into one blog post, so stay tuned later this week for part deux, which will feature more amazing eye candy and my thoughts on the unforgettable day! xoxo, angel



  1. Whoa, I’m totally blown away! Thank you for sharing!!!

  2. Gorgeous! I remember when they featured this wedding on Weddingbee– I was so proud that my coordinator was behind it 🙂

    I *love* that glass guestbook tree– so beautiful and creative– and something they can always keep as a piece of art. And those shoes are divine!

    Can’t wait to see more pictures!

  3. YEAH!!! this was one of our favorite weddings of 2006! angel, you did an amazing job putting it all together and we had so much fun with you! hopefully we’ll work together again soon 😉

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  8. […] The first floral raft I ever saw was this R. Jack creation on the Love and Splendor Blog. […]

  9. Wow what a fablous wedding, the very first Barmitzvah I ever did 25 years ago was for the son of a “Pop Star” and we did a “Floral Island” in the middle of their pool, we floated it ona inner tube and anchored with a weight covered in sea shells, I wish I had a photograph, but I’ve never seen one since until now!
    Thanks for bringing back such happy memories

  10. hi ya i really liked your idea of plexiglass shards for guests messages….would you mind telling me how and where you prepared that from…i have never seen such a lovely idea ever before…would much appreciate it..
    many thanks

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