Posted by: loveandsplendor | November 30, 2007

karen + erik, part TWO!

i am so excited to finally share part two of this incredible wedding with you. if you missed part one, just scroll down a few entries. 😉

enjoy more of this tasty eye candy courtesy of nate & jac from the image is found. their work never ceases to amaze me…

the stage is set for their moving ceremony. here ethereal panels of latte-colored fabric are dressed up with strands of james storei orchids. their delicate shape add an air of whimsy.

what you can’t see in the above ceremony photo is the actual place where the couple stood while exchanging vows. the incredible rene @ r. jack balthazar put together a hand-sewn, organic “area rug” of pressed galax leaves as a unique focal point upon which the couple would become husband and wife. after the ceremony, the sweetheart table was perched on the rug so they could continue their evening of bliss in the exact spot they were wed. 😉

i love the lighting in this dreamy portrait.

shallow wooden offering bowls sat atop wooden columns that surrounded the semi-circle perimeter of the ceremony seating. to add a touch of the exotic, rose petals were mixed with loose orchid blooms.

at the conclusion of the ceremony, karen & erik surprised their guests by showering them with the petals + orchids! as they circled the crowd and took handfuls of the flowers for sprinkling, karen and erik demonstrated (in a symbolic and quirky way) their love and appreciation for their friends and family members.

this incredible raft floated lazilly in the pool. the symbol represents an ‘e’ and ‘k’ intertwined in a mass of fragrant roses.

tables were set on the back lawn, dressed in khaki + chocolate brown.

here’s a closer look at the luxurious sweetheart table florals. i especially love the use of pin cushions + succulents in the arrangements. if you squint, you can see the “rug” under the table in the right corner.

the magnificent cake, crafted by amy of vanilla bake shop, was housed in its very own private cabana. built by rene @ r. jack, the bamboo structure was also draped with sheer fabric and covered in flowers. the adorable cake topper is not chocolate, but smooth polished wood!

these magnificent lanterns lit up poolside as the night fell upon the estate…

could the scene be more incredible?? can you spy those lanterns in this pic?

amy @ vanilla bake shop also put together the most decadent dessert table! it was placed on a beautiful bare wooden table, drenched in more orchids! here you can spy some of her cupcake babies and AMAZING mini ice box desserts. they are basically retro desserts in individual shot glass-size servings. the key lime pie shot glass was my hands down fave.

a peek into the ballroom as the party wound down…

i’m in love with this photo on so many levels.

and just for fun, here i am in the photo booth with nate, jac & karen the bride!

i hope you enjoyed this little trip down memory lane with me! the wedding was an experience i’ll never forget. the couple is sooo dear to my heart, and i felt truly blessed to be a part of their wedding.

here is the vendor roundup!

xoxo, angel



  1. so beautiful, unique, and fun!

    now i’m tempted to go get some mini icebox treats. mmmm. key lime is one of my faves, too…go figure.

  2. This wedding was so gorgeous and unique! I loved reading about it and seeing all the photos! And now I’m craving sweets 🙂

  3. wowsers, that’s nuts! The damask pond! The incredible lanterns! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Gorgeous! Love the lanterns!

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