Posted by: loveandsplendor | December 15, 2007

mom’s engagement party!

as many of you already know, my mother is ENGAGED to be married! it is such a thrilling time for her, as she has been single for nearly 16 years. i think my sister and i were convinced she would always be single… her fiery spirit and independent nature made it hard for me to imagine her with anyone! on a whim, i encouraged her to join e-Harmony. within a few months, she met HIM. and now… well here they are engaged! i proudly take credit for hooking them up, as i gave her that initial nudge to join e-Harmony. both my mom and her fiancé are highly successful professionals, perfectly sane 😉 and wonderfully cultured. they are an exquisite match!

it is going to be my utter delight to work with them in planning their wedding. as a foretaste of all the fabulousness to come, i put together a lovely and intimate engagement party for them last sunday evening. it all took place at celadon galerie, a french-asian fusion restaurant that serves a delectable menu of small plates. my mom’s fiancé is friends with the general manager, and they’ve dined there on several occasions. erik and i joined them there about a month ago, too. of course, the first thing i noticed was how perfect the place would be for a party. how right i was!

the restaurant has a great, loungey vibe featuring lots of sultry candlelight, a red palette, and modern Asian décor. we started our evening in the bar area, where we had a private section with grouped couches and coffee tables. we enjoyed tasty tuna tartare lollipops (my fave starter!!), spicy crispy tempura shrimp and summer kochujan rolls (like vietnamese spring rolls, filled with fresh ahi, mango and avocado, dabbed with spicy korean kochujan paste!). after enjoying some bites + drinks, we moved into a private dining room. at one long table, we enjoyed a lovely sense of intimacy. great conversation was had by all… we had such a fantastic mix of guests! everyone ordered whatever they liked, with most people selecting three to four plates.

here’s a peek at what erik and i could capture, in between bites. 😉

the fireside lounge was perfect for appetizers and drinks as we waited for guests to arrive.

lovely red paper lanterns in our private dining room…

gorgeous all-white florals provided by my dear friend kristin at the treasured petal

the couple of the evening… my beautiful mom and her fiancé

tasty kobe beef sliders!

grilled NY steak, accompanied by a perfect piece of gorgonzola brulée…

fave dish of the night: miso salmon on a bed of wild rice, swimming in a delicious yuzu-dashi broth.

butterscotch crème brulée!

their twist on affogato: hazelnut gelato, crushed hazelnuts, and a shot of espresso!

sinful chocolate souflée with a dollop of vanilla bean gelato + adorable grilled baby bananas!

the evening ended with decadent desserts, beautifully paired with a dessert wine picked out by my mom’s fiancé, and i made a brief toast. i got a bit choked up (SO HAPPY for them)… i wonder what a mess i’ll be at the wedding! it ended up kicking off a lovely time where guests shared stories from both sides… chatting about reactions that they had had when hearing about the couple getting together.

i had such a delight putting together the simple and luxe evening. i handmade all of the invitations + placecards. florals were designed by my dearest friend kristin at the treasured petal. everyone was raving about the chic all-white arrangements and how perfect they were for the environment. the favors made a wonderfully sweet ending… a collection of boxed liquer cakes, courtesy of neiman marcus. 😉

i would highly recommend celadon for a party or just a great night of dining. the staff is superb, the food is delish and the vibe is an excellent balance of style and casual elegance.

and to end this post… a pic of the ring that started it all. it was delivered to my mother by the jeweler as they enjoyed dinner at L’Auberge Carmel.

xoxo, angel



  1. congrats, again, to your mom. it looks like the party was fab, as expected. what a great venue, too. i can’t wait to see the wedding. 😉

  2. Congratulations to your mom– she is so beautiful and she and her fiance make such a lovely couple. And congrats to you for putting together such a great engagement party! The food all looks divine!

  3. Mmmmm!

    I’m so excited for your mom! My mom got married in October after my wedding in August last year!

  4. yum!!! i’m so hungry now! your mom looked fabulous and her fiance is quite distinguished and dapper. thanks for letting me be a part of that lovely party.

  5. Angel, that looks fabulous! Congrats to your mom, and fiance. I’m sure the wedding is going to be incredible! This post made me suuuuper hungry too. 🙂

  6. Wow!!! Where were you when we got engaged! Seriously though, Congrats to your mom. I could just eat all that tasty looking food off the screen!

  7. Congrats to your mom and her fiance!!! They look VERY happy together. 🙂 The food looks incredible.

  8. Your mom is gorgeous! Beautiful flowers, venue, RING, the works! Many congratulations to her!

  9. congrats to your mom and her fiance .They make a wonderful couple.Your mom is so beautiful .I love the flowers and the food.

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