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aarti & aaron, september ’07

this wedding holds a special place in my heart because it was a “first” for me: my first interfaith wedding! aarti and aaron chose to have hindu *and* jewish ceremonies, separated by a tea ceremony. i really loved learning about all of the customs and rites that go with each ceremony, and educating myself about my clients and their cultures. when everything came together, it was a day full of moving moments, set against a brilliant palette of colors.

it all took place at the ayres hotel – manhattan beach. it is a delightful surprise of a venue, set in an unexpected area yet beautifully-appointed and well-run by a fabulous staff. the central courtyard is where ceremonies take place, and it is a veritable secret garden. i love the serenity of the space, dwarfed by the terracotta façade of the building set around it.

enjoy this look at the day through the eyes of marlin munoz.

the wonderful couple

aarti’s hands decorated with intricate mendhi

before the hindu ceremony, women from aarti’s family helped her carefully put on each of her bangles

here you see aarti’s sister applying holy water to aaron’s eyelids.

the bride and groom exchange garlands after seeing each other for the first time (jai mala)

i LOVE this tender moment following the kansar bhakshan. this is when the bride and groom feed each other four mouthfuls of sweets to reflect mutual care and nourishment.

aaron ties the mangal sutra (gold necklace of sacred black beads) onto aarti’s neck as a symbol of devotion.

an extremely moving moment during the akhand saubhagyavati. this is when married women from each family whisper blessings into the bride’s ear and wish her eternal happiness. here you see the mother of the bride speaking to her daughter. i love that aaron is in the foreground, looking on.


the couple recesses down the aisle and heads for a quick change!

the ladies, ready for ceremony #2

personalized yarmulkes were distributed to all male guests

the beautiful mandap was now used as a chuppah! note that in a jewish wedding, the ladies are house right, and the men house left. yes, i just used stage directions.

aaron wore a fragrant maile lei since his family is from hawaii.

the centerpieces featured a great mix of texture and color

the blessing of the challah! i love this picture.

an emotional first dance shot. their talented friend played acoustic guitar and sang “chasing cars” by snow patrol.

hora, anyone?

the reception was such a great party. a huge hit of the night was an ice cream sundae bar, loaded with fresh brownies, hot fudge and all the fixins!

aarti & aaron, it was a pleasure working with you both! hope to get together again soon!  xoxo, angel

our vendor team included…



  1. So rad! I love this!

  2. so much going on, yet it all looks unified and fabulous!

    great stage directions. 😉

  3. It looks like such a beautiful, emotional ceremony. Gorgeous wedding!

  4. hi bebe!!! i love your blog 🙂 i miss you tons! your weddings are sooooooooo beautiful…. so YOU, and yet so your clients… haha. all of krissy’s stuff is amazing too, i’m SO proud of you two, God is so gracious!!! thanks for coming up to see me become one with the loveliest man in the world, i hope you really enjoyed your vacay!

  5. Gorgeous, gorgeous wedding! Love the two ceremonies!

  6. Angel… I love your blog and enjoyed reading all about this wedding.

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