Posted by: loveandsplendor | January 27, 2008

clients turned friends – lunch w/ S&S

i have always said that i am blessed with the best clients, period. everytime i meet up with a bride or couple for a consultation, i am thrilled to find that they are creative, fun, and genuine. my clients are the types of people i would choose as friends, and that makes my job THAT much more fabulous. i have been able to maintain some great friendships with many of my clients, keeping in touch via email and little lunch dates. last weekend i was so excited to get together with two of my very very favorites from 2007, stephen & shannon.

s&s are SO much fun to be around. during our little lunch on saturday, we were constantly breaking into laughter. they also are the most gracious hosts and have the perfect home for entertaining… it is straight out of the pages of dwell. i get the warm fuzzies watching the way they interact, because they share a very special bond. i feel honored to have played a part in their big day. i love them x 103828 and am so thankful for the friendship that has gone on beyond the scope of their wedding. i will be sharing photos from their INCREDIBLE wedding very soon, so stay tuned!

saturday’s lunch was held at their aforementioned AAAAAMAZING home in Venice, where we dined on cocktail shrimp, quiche lorraine and caesar salad. for dessert there were adorable mini-vanilla bean cupcakes, made from scratch! time flew by and i am already counting down until our next get-together! it was extra special since my sis and assistant, anna, was able to join us as well.

S&S, you know how much i adore you. thank you for your hospitality and friendship; i treasure it! xoxo

me + S&S

me, shannon, anna.

on a sidenote… i saw cloverfield last weekend and give it a 7 out of 10. it was a really entertaining movie, but i missed about 20% of it due to the intense nausea brought on by the shaky camera! i promise i’m not a motion sickness wuss, but it was terrible… i almost didn’t make it! the sick feeling lasted for an hour after the movie ended, thus the lower score. be forewarned!



  1. I think your clients are just as lucky, if not more so, to have met you! Too bad I didn’t know of you sooner (and too bad my date twin, weatherjen, got you first)!

    I am terrified to see Cloverfield now. I am a motion sickness wuss who hates Magic Mountain.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful afternoon!!

  3. I agree with WeezerMonkey– we feel so lucky to have you! I hope you and I can keep in touch long after the wedding too 🙂

  4. sounds like so much fun! i would cook for you too to have you over but too bad i don’t know how to cook. i hope we can always enjoy a great meal out! 🙂

  5. […] to celebrate love than reminisce about one of my fabulous weddings. i mentioned this darling couple a few posts back; they are such a special pair and i have been *dying* to share these photos with you! what do you […]

  6. lunch with S&S was divine!
    i’ve had quiche before..and was never a fan…but shannon made the most delicious lunch ever! the shrimp cocktail, the quiche (i don’t even remember what it’s called)…but it was great!, the mimosas, the vino, the ceasar salad, the heavenly miniature vanilla bean cupcakes! so good!

    and don’t forget their house! WHOA! their house is perfect. it’s 100% them. unique, chic, modern, contemporary, artsy…perfect!! (their bathroom…their CLOSET!) 🙂

    S&S’s wedding was perfection. they were fabulous to work with! LOVE them both!

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