Posted by: loveandsplendor | February 15, 2008

shannon & stephen, 6.30.07 [part 1]

happy (belated) valentine’s day! i had every intention of posting this yesterday, but my valentine’s plans took over. 😉 erik and i enjoyed a lovely night out for sushi + ice cream: two of my ultimo faves, shared with my ultimate fave. it was perfect.

beyond tasty food…i can’t think of a better way to celebrate love than reminisce about one of my fabulous weddings. i mentioned this darling couple a few posts back; they are such a special pair and i have been *dying* to share these photos with you! what do you get when a graphic designer marries an architect/landscape architect?? pure creativity, and a wedding dripping with details. i could barely contain myself as i waited for guests to arrive for the ceremony. it was everything i could’ve ever dreamed of for them and their reaction was priceless.

in today’s entry, i’ll walk you through the heartfelt ceremony. it took place on the back lawn at rancho sol del pacifico, a private estate in malibu. the azure skies seemed to melt into the horizon and you could barely distinguish sky from sea. a grouping of olive trees created a focal point for the ceremony, where the couple was married by a couple whose marriage and love they admire.

the gorgeous photos below are courtesy of my pal jay reilly, a fantastic photographer out of oceanside.

the bride makes her way down the stairs for the processional

the vibrant orange bridesmaid bouquets each featured a single flower type. these included roses, tulips, coxcomb, pincushions and dahlias.

the aisle was lined with pomanders covered with dahlias or eucalyptus leaves.

custom square programs, designed by the bride. since they met on, they included their original profiles in the program. it was such a fun touch!

i looove this pic of shannon coming down the aisle. it perfectly depicts her sassy nature; she is so adorable!

some great wide shots. i loved the way that the orange bouquets stood out against the bridesmaids’ ice blue dresses.

s&s used large orange pillar candles in hurricanes for their twist on the unity candle. another unique touch: they circulated their wedding rings during the ceremony, asking each guest to say a prayer or blessing for their union.

the joyous recessional!

the beautiful couple: married!

another aspect i enjoyed about their ceremony was the music. they opted to use modern selections that held special meaning to them. the songs included..

“Then Came You” by Joshua Radin for the entrance of the parents

“Such Great Heights” by Iron & Wine for the bridal party entrance

“Let Go” by Frou Frou (the instrumental beginning) for the bride’s entrance

“Good Day Sunshine” by the Beatles for the recessional!

I love personalizing the ceremony this way. For my own wedding, we recessed to “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” by the Beach Boys. 😉

Stay tuned for more incredible images from this wedding! I have two installments left of absolute eye candy and inspiration!

xoxo, angel



  1. beautiful wedding!
    happy belated valentine’s day! 🙂

  2. i still lust after orange and blue. what a great example of that color combo done right. love the song selections, too, especially the frou frou one.

  3. That view is stunning!! Happy Belated V Day!

  4. Angel, I love these photos! And- my husband and I recessed to “Rock the Casbah” by The Clash. Really, it’s one of the best moments to show personality! Love it!

  5. Hi Angel! Love these photos. That wedding is beautiful! I especially love the leaf flowerball on the chairs… how unique!! (What do you call that, a leafball? LOL!)

  6. what a beautiful event!! thanks for sharing the pics! Glad you had a great Vday!! I am surprised he didn’t take you to Chevy’s! 🙂
    Love ya!

  7. What a beautiful setting to get married! Such an obviously fun couple.

  8. Dude, I love this wedding. I especially love that closeup of the flowers- any bride who is open to cockscomb obviously has great taste! *Sidenote: I like to take a stem of cockscomb and put it on Pesto’s head to make him look like a little chicken. It’s hilarrrious.*
    Happy late V-day! Hope Erik spoiled you rotten!

  9. What an adorable bride! And I love the color combinations– so fresh and unique. Happy belated valentine’s day!

  10. I remember the Beach Boys; that was such a fun touch to your wedding 😀

    My roomie is currently using and I’m sure this would encourage her!

  11. i LOVE shannon and stephen! their wedding was perfect! these pictures don’t even capture half of the perfection of that day. she was as beautiful as beautiful gets…and the love and connection they have is indescribable.
    such a fabulous wedding!

    and lunch at their house…HEAVEN!


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