Posted by: loveandsplendor | April 10, 2008

*fab finds* in beauty

every girl needs her own favorite beauty finds. i love swapping products with my sister and girlfriends, as well as reading reviews of new items online. in honor of the wonderful discoveries i’ve made in this arena, it’s time for another beauty-inspired installment of fab finds! please join me in little virtual swap here on the blog. below are some of the fabulous things that rock my beautiful world; make sure to share your favorites in the comment section! fab find: kiss me mascara by blinc it was a mixture of fear and curiosity that overcame me when i first read about this mascara. on the company’s website, a funny animation demonstrates how the mascara does not “paint” lashes, but “tubes” them by creating water-resistant tubes around each one. the result is perfectly primped and natural-looking lashes with zero clumping. to remove, you simply use warm water and “gentle pressure” to slide the tubes off. truth be told, i was freaked out at the prospect of pulling little tubes off of my eyelashes. BUT, when santa left me this mascara in my stocking at Christmas, i had to give it a whirl. i LOVE this mascara and don’t think i could use anything else now. it really makes you look like you just have incredibly long and lovely natural lashes. and the formerly-dreaded tube removal?? though nervous at first, i’ve become a total pro. the “tubes” are black and just look like individual false lashes. i haven’t ripped out any real lashes… yet. 😉 fab find: stila lip glaze i’m not sure if i can call something a “find” when i ‘found’ it in high school, but a post about beauty products would be incomplete without a mention of my beloved glaze. i am definitely not a lipstick girl, and much prefer the glossy, fresh and youthful look of this product. it comes in an array of tasty colors named after various fruits + foods, but my absolute favorites are grapefuit (a sweet light pink) and vanilla (champagne/nude color). they are sticky, which i know is not ideal when you have long hair. but, i prefer sticky with staying power over non-sticky products that are gone with my first sip of water. 🙂 fab find: stila illuminating powder foundation i’ve been using this fabulous product for years and it is a mainstay in my makeup bag. i love the sheer & natural coverage of the powder, with a touch of subtle sparkle. i have never been able to do liquid foundation… it just seems icky to me. i stick with my spf, lotion + powder and am good to go! fab find: nars blush + bronzer oh, the woes of being pale and freckled! haha my complexion is very pale, and i am almost unable to tan. my face freckles, and the rest of me burns and then fades back to ghastly white. i rely on my blush and bronzer to add some life to my visage. nars is my favorite because the colors are so natural and complementary. i actually use the pictured duo that has the blush and bronzer side-by-side for easy access. fab find: dr. hunter’s rosewater + glycerine hand creme from caswell massey caswell-massey is a big part of my childhood memories. i remember following my mom around the store, picking out beautiful boxed soaps and gifts for friends. i would devour the catalog when it arrived in the mail, relishing the little historical tales that accompanied the product descriptions. the company, founded in 1752, has dubbed itself “america’s original perfumer.” their products have been cherished by presidents (washington, adams, eisenhower, and kennedy) and have a wonderful air of nostalgia about them. {check out a cool historical timeline here} from the packaging to the fragrances, everything is delightfully charming. i love the old-fashioned-ness of it, and imagining the ladies in victorian times using the same products i enjoy today! the scent of their cucumber and alder cream products instantly transport me to memories of my mother. 😉 anyway…. all this to say i still have my favorite c-m products and have the catalog delivered to *my* home now that i’m all grown up! this product is a classic and is UNPARALLELED if you want soft hands. i get a lot of comments on the texture of my hands (weird, but true) and i always attribute it to my use of this product. the thick, scrumptious creme is best applied at night when it can soak in (and not make a greasy mess everywhere). i wear gloves to bed if i want extra-extra moisture. the result is truly incredible. the scent of rose is pretty strong, so if you share the product with you guy, be warned. 😉 fab find: burt’s beeswax lip balm i am addicted to this little tube of moisture. 😉 it’s simple, colorless and it works! i definitely recommend going with the original beeswax lip balm. i just tried the “replenishing” version (with pomegranate oil) and it has the worrrrrrst taste. no, i promise i’m not eating it. just trust me on this one. fab find: victoria’s egg white soap you are going to LOVE this! i first got hooked on this product while working at anthropologie (little known fact: i worked there while in college and helped open the berkeley store!). it’s one of those quirky bath products they sell and my interest was piqued. if you’ve ever seen a pic of my mother, you know she looks INSANELY good for her age. 😉 well, she attributes this to her faithful beauty regimen, which includes eggs. a cleaner, less messy option than raw eggs is found with these soaps, which my mom has now adopted as well. i like to lather, apply, and let it “sit” on my face for a few minutes. when you rinse, your skin is instantly tighter and more radiant. adore it!! now it’s your turn! i can’t wait to see what fab finds my readers have to share…



  1. I love that mascara. Due to constant eye infections as a kid my eye dr told me to never wear mascara b/c it would irritate my eyes. And as a teen I tried and 3 minutes later my eyes would burn and my eyes would be bloodshot. So for 10 years, no mascara. I then heard about this stuff from my friend who had a similar situation. The reason its good for eye problem people is it’s not ‘painted’ on so it cant flake off all day into my eyeball. I now can wear mascara again! I worship this stuff.
    And nars, again, love it! I’m pale. My mom’s last name is white and kids would call her snowwhite she was that pale, ha!

  2. I relish my…um…natural beauty. Har har har. I do love Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1, though.

  3. I can’t wait to try the egg white soap– it sounds fabulous!

    I have so many favorites, so here are just a few:

    Product Body Crush on You: wonderful body scrub that smells divine and leaves skin amazingly soft

    Kerastase Deep Conditioner: The only conditioner that can tame my super thick hair. Love it!

    Dior Show Mascara: Perfect when you want sexy, vampy eyes 🙂

  4. Love this post! I am recently addicted to Laura Mercier foundation.

  5. i am also a stila lip glaze and illuminating powder foundation girl since high school. love both. the powder foundation is feather light with decent coverage for even those with imperfect skin like me, and it doesn’t look cakey when on.

    i also love kiehl’s lip balm #1, especially the special, scented, limited time ones that come out during the holidays. loving the pear i got last christmas.

    lush’s happy hippy shower gel is one of the few expensive ones i will spring for. such a fresh, clean grapefruit scent that wakes you up.

    nars blush in ‘sin’ and ‘orgasm.’ both universally flattering shades.

  6. i just bought the mascara! i can’t wait! i rarely get excited about makeup and stuff but this was too bizarre to pass up. yes, your mom is stunningly beautiful. she passed it on to you and anna!

  7. Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer!!!!!! the greatest 🙂

  8. I heart stila lip glaze as well!

    oh and Tag!

  9. omg, if we’re going to talk make-up (esp. mascara) i’ve tried most of them…including the tube ones (plural!). The most amazing mascara i’ve found is clinique’s high impact mascara..with a coat of their primer underneath, it’s amazing. The other thing that helps with ridiculously long lashes is something called Revitalash. It helps them grow incredibly long, and when i used it for about 8 weeks I actually had women stopping me every single day to comment and ask me what I was using….amazing stuff.
    As for foundation, Christian Dior’s Airflash, applied with a foundation brush, is brilliant. It barely feels like you have anything on (unlike most liquids) and it goes on really smoothly.

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