Posted by: loveandsplendor | April 15, 2008

a visit to saddlerock ranch

when i was planning my wedding in january ’05, i made an appointment to visit the breathtaking saddlerock ranch in malibu. nestled in the hills off kanan road, this site was at the top of my list. i still remember the way i felt when i first drove through the gate. with every turn along the meandering road, there was a new pastoral scene to drink in. the rolling hills are covered with vineyards, fruit and avocado trees, and are dotted with grazing horses, cattle, and zebras! lengths of white picket fence surround pastures and manicured lawns, some displaying rustic wagons and wheelbarrows to add to the natural feel. i fell in love at first sight. in fact, tears came to my eyes as we drove along the windy path toward the ceremony site.

for some reason, this bucolic type of setting really speaks to me. although i’m a total suburban dweller, it would be a dream to live on a ranch like this, just a short drive away from the city life i love. 😉 in the end, i did not get married at saddlerock because our family felt strongly about eating dinner in an indoor, enclosed setting. (the only way to do this at saddlrock is to tent the tennis court.) but, i always hoped to return to this special place. yesterday i had that opportunity!

late last year i booked a fabulous wedding to take place at saddlerock. i was overjoyed to be able to have my second chance at the venue. 😉 i also lucked out with a truly darling couple. they are such a treat to be with and i can’t wait for the culmination of their incredible day. yesterday we had our walkthrough and i had the chance to take a few snaps…

the ceremony will take place under the striking oak tree

you can spot horses in the distance, along the edges of a scenic lake

c&e made quick friends with this beautiful horse. it helps to have an apple handy. 😉

after our time at the ranch, we headed to calabasas for a tasty lunch at the sagebrush cantina. (don’t let the website scare you!) i had a delicious shrimp avocado wrap, which was a perfectly refreshing meal for a hot day in the valley!

c&e – i am SO excited for your fast-approaching wedding. i know it is going to be such a beautiful and fabulous event. thank you for a beautiful & nostalgic afternoon!

xoxo, angel



  1. SUCH a gorgeous location! Can’t wait to see the wedding pics! 🙂

  2. two words: dream location!!!

    isn’t life sweet when it comes full circle?


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