Posted by: loveandsplendor | April 18, 2008

a lovely spring flower trial

a few weeks ago i accompanied two of my sweet clients to their centerpiece mockup at the studio of kate baker florals. i worked with kate in july on paola and eric’s wedding and was blown away by her work. so, i knew that she would not disappoint when it came to this trial.

my clients adored the look of the manzanita branches, so we are doing half of the branch centerpieces, with the other half being lush and low arrangements in silver urns. the overall look is classic, elegant, and garden chic. the flowers include fluffy peonies, roses, lisianthus, hydrangea, hypericum berries and some hanging amaranthus. colors include blush, peach tones, creams, soft greens and soft blues (brought in with the hydrangea). i thought it was a great take on what we had seen in paola’s wedding, with a completely different feel due to the palette adjustment.

here is a glimpse at what kate put together for us:

my clients LOVED the results and we had a great meeting detailing the remainder of the floral design. everything is going to be truly stunning. i am anxiously awaiting this luxe garden party wedding *JUST* around the corner. stay tuned for when that rolls around. 😉

in the meanwhile, i have been keeping busy amidst wedding season. this week has been full of meetings with my fabulous clients. everytime i am with them, i get more and more excited for their events! tomorrow i have a beautiful wedding with a couple i adore. it’s going to be a wonderful weekend! hope you all are doing well~

xoxo, angel



  1. Stunning! I especially love the tree dripping with diamonds. I cant wait to see the wedding!!


  2. How the heckk do you make the branches stand up like that?

  3. Lovely. Like your more frequent posts. Keep that up, if possible.

  4. Wow, I love the moss holding the tree! It is a unique way to display manzanitas. And yes, Kate did a fabulous job on Paola’s wedding (and so did you!!!)

  5. beeuuutiful flowers!!! can’t wait to see them in action!! take lots of pics as i know you will!!

  6. Wow, just gorgeous!!

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