Posted by: loveandsplendor | April 21, 2008

a visit with my windy city bride!

i often have the opportunity to work with out-of-state brides in planning their california weddings. in this case, the bride and groom live in chicago. last year, the bride’s parents interviewd me on the couple’s behalf and i was hired! it was months later that i had the pleasure of meeting the fabulous bride with whom i’d already been corresponding via email and phone. she is a DOLL… seriously. i have been so blessed in the process of working with her. she is brimming with joy for the beautiful wedding day *and* the prospect of marrying her love. every email she sends me puts a smile on my face. so M– THANK you for that!! you make my job such a joy.

last week, m&h were in town taking care of some wedding business. i had the pleasure of accompanying them to a centerpiece mockup as well as a decadent tasting. here is a look at what we did!

our first stop was city of commerce flowers for a centerpiece mockup. i’ve worked with eddie & the commerce flowers team on numerous occasions and they always put together beautiful work. for this wedding, we are utilizing a warm and rich palette that includes burgundy and fuschias. the result?

a tall centerpiece featuring roses, dahlias, gloriosa lillies, rust-colored hydrangea and pink hanging amaranthus.

after this visit, we headed to the intercontinental hotel – century city for a walkthrough and tasting!

m&h are of indian and pakistani descent, so we wanted to create a menu that reflected a bit of their cultures. we focused on asian flavors, bold spices, and intriguing taste combinations in brainstorming ideas to present to the chef. the result? we came away with a customized menu that is truly show-stopping. everything we tasted was deeeelish, and i know the final selections are going to wow their guests in a few months! i had a FABULOUS time helping with this aspect of the planning. as a self-proclaimed foodie, it doesn’t get much better than concocting dishes you’d want to try, having a chef interpret them, and getting to taste them!

a big favorite of the evening: caribbean-spiced sea bass with a pineapple-cucumber relish, served atop a bed of sautéed onions and peppers + banana leaf garnish, then finished with a citrus cream sauce. perfectly moist, and the delicate flavors came through beautifully.

a trusty filet mignon, served medium, accompanied by the MOST delicious pumpkin ravioli.

a dark shot… but a tempting look at the three desserts that were tasted: a perfect tiramisu served in a martini glass, a rich chocolate cake with raspberry sauce and fresh berries, and a banana cream “pie,” with macadamia nuts and toasted coconut, baked into an individual crust.

i cannot adequately explain how delicious this banana cream “pie” was…. i had a mini-freak out after one bite. AMAZING!

other dishes we tried that night were a pistachio-crusted paillard of chicken topped with mango salsa and a creamy side of coconut rice *AND* a chicken breast rubbed with Indian spices, accompanied by malaysian rice and a carrot coulis. we all left excited about the chef’s execution of our ideas, and in anticipation of the ultimate reveal on the wedding menu!

i leave you with this cute pic of me & M; love it!

m&h — thanks again for a fabulous time! i CAN’T WAIT for your wedding!!!

everyone else~ have a fabulous week! i have some sneak peek photos from saturday’s wedding and a fab find post in production. check in again soon. 😉 xoxo, angel



  1. can’t wait to see how miss j’s wedding turns out. 😉

    everything looks yummy and lovely!

  2. yum!!! everything looks delish . . . especially the pumpkin ravioli!

  3. We had such a great time with you– thank you for everything!!!

  4. you are definitely my favorite “foodie”!!! maybe one day i’ll try some crazy dishes like those!! only with you holding my hand though!! 🙂

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