Posted by: loveandsplendor | April 22, 2008

nari & wyatt – part 2 ;-)

good morning, everyone! i am so happy that leigh miller sent me these additional photos of nari & wyatt’s wedding for you to enjoy. as mentioned in my previous posts about this wedding, neither rain nor hail was able to dampen the spirit and beauty of the day. i think leigh did an incredible job capturing the drama and joy of the day. i also adore the antique feel to these images. without further ado..

wedding art.

i love these shots of nari and her mantilla veil. i still wish i had worn one for my wedding! they just scream vintage beauty to me.

the downpour after the ceremony. i still get the chills when i remember how amazing it was when the skies cleared for the entire ceremony. the timing was divine, for sure!

it looks like snow! magical…

check out wyatt’s face coming down the stairs! love it! 😉

ceremony overview…

the two radiated joy together.

one of my favorite first kiss pictures…ever. so sweet.

these next two pics are from the beloved “dirty mattress” series. 😉 they look like they were taken straight out of an anthro catalog to me. whimsical and slightly gritty. adore it!

the beautiful bride

i LOVE nari’s wispy, feather-adorned hair pin. the fabulous myra callan (i am totally obsessed with her work!) made it for her. look for a fab find post about myra very soon…

a fun cake cutting photo. i love the father/son in the left corner, admiring the newlyweds.

and to finish… a moving photo of the bride and groom. they look completely transported to another world, lost in the moment. gorgeous!!

i can’t promise this is the last nari & wyatt post. 😉 there are some fabulous details that i might dig up for you once I see all the proofs from leigh. i hope these stunning images brighten your tuesday morning. leigh — thank you again for sharing your talent with us! xoxo, angel

the vendor roundup:



  1. WOW… totally just came across your blog but HAD to tell you how amazing these photos are. Was it raining in these pictures??? The photog is brilliant. I esp. love the shots of the groomsmen coming downt he staircase, obviously the shots w/the rain, and the one w/the newlyweds’ heads cut off 🙂 kind of different, but great! Thanks for sharing!

  2. truly amazing, touching, of the moment photos. beautiful wedding and work on your part, too, as always!

  3. Gorgeous photos! I can’t wait to work you in November! It’s so fun to meet new wedding peeps. Also, I didn’t know you were the “infamous” blue sash bride from The Image is Found!!!! So cool!!!!!!

  4. These photos are amazing– so modern, poignant, and touching. It looks like it was a beautiful wedding for a beautiful couple. Great job!

  5. angel thank you so much for your kind words about the photos and about me! i had a wonderful time working with you and you were truly amazing. calm, cool and a master at making the day go smoothly. even with all the outside elements! you saved the day. hope to work with you again soon. and i will be in touch when all the pics are done. keep up the great work! leigh

  6. Oh, I love the matress pictures! They are totally anthro style. Which, by the way, I am in love with as well!

  7. Really great. Again! 😉

  8. What an absolutely gorgeous wedding, even despite the rain! I love looking at the photos and reading your commentary — you totally add another dimension to the images. Love it.

    PS – I ordered a flower hairpiece from Myra Callan a few weeks ago! I found photos of her wedding on another blog (Style Me Pretty, I think), then I found her wedding website, which then led me to her etsy site. Phew. I adore her work. I’m so excited to receive the piece — I’ll probably wear during the reception just like Nari did as well. 🙂

  9. Oh! Beautiful!!!
    What a spectacular wedding. Nari looks gorgeous and her and her new husband look so in love.

    It was such a delight to work with Nari on creating the one of a kind hair piece. We had to “rush” it but she stayed so cool throughout which was just utterly refreshing… considering that her wedding was only a few days away when the piece was finished! Thank you so much for the lovely post and thank you Nari!!

    myra :: twigs & honey

  10. I, without a doubt, 100%, wholeheartedly, agree with Leigh about you saving the day. I shudder at the thought of not having you at our wedding. Despite the crazy weather, I loved every minute of that day and was able to fully enjoy it because I had my angel Angel. *Hugs*

  11. Gorgeous! Love her veil!

  12. Gorgeous pictures and that veil is PERFECT. Any ideas where she got it?

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