Posted by: loveandsplendor | May 7, 2008

fab finds in accessories: twigs & honey

to say that i love the work of myra callan, owner of twigs & honey, would be a mega understatement. i stumbled upon her etsy shop (i was tipped off to her talent by my darling bride nari) a few months ago and have been swooning ever since. myra, a recent newlywed herself, fashions whimsical, one-of-a-kind accessories out of feathers, beads, crystals, and ribbons. from hair pieces, headbands and veils, to necklaces and unique bouts, each item has a special air of magic to it.

when i adore something, i REALLY adore it. myra’s creations are in this category of beloved things. her aesthetic seems perfectly aligned with mine: playful, feminine, vintage-inspired, and eclectic, with a touch of whimsy. i love poring over the items in her shop (many are custom orders) and imagining how they will sparkle when they are worn by a delighted bride or customer. for the bride who wants something different to adorn her head on the big day, i enthusiastically suggest checking out myra’s work. i also think her pieces are fabulous as everyday accessories for the fashion-forward. here are some of my favorite pieces by myra, new & old. if you like giving gifts for mother’s day to non-mothers, feel free to order me one of these. haha 😉

i love, love, LOVE the colors. so dramatic.

a darling headband – enchanting in its delicacy.

the textures in this one are fantastic.

the ruffly petals make this perfect.

this is my absolute favorite item in her shop right now. deeelightful! how rad would this be with a plain white tank, some favorite jeans, and my kelly green suede marc jacobs flats?? haha

i have to add that myra is one of the sweetest people you’ll ever e-meet. i know if we met in person we’d hit it off! till then, i will have to snatch up a few of her pieces. thank you, myra, for sharing your gorgeous handiwork with us! xoxo



  1. pretty. i love the last two pieces, especially!

  2. lovely!! and of course, love the shoes girly!! 🙂 they are so “angel”!!!

  3. Hi Angel! I also looooooove Myra’s etsy store. You might also like EasterYu’s creations, which are similar in aesthetic:

  4. Hi Angel!

    Thank you SO much for this beautiful and so very sweet post about twigs & honey pieces!!! You are one of the most talented wedding planners I have ever come across and all your work is gorgeous. Love it all so much! So, I am completely honored by this post!! I hope to meet you in person someday! I’d love to chat about all things lovely with you. You must be overflowing with creative thoughts. Thank you again!

  5. these are delicate and lovely! wonder if I could pull one off??? Hmm, I’ll have to try and see!

  6. I have been loving these for a while too! So fun!

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