Posted by: loveandsplendor | May 29, 2008

sneak peek – 5.24.08

i’m still reeling from the beauty and perfection of saturday’s wedding. it was quite a day! my morning started at 8 a.m. when I arrived on-site and the beautiful saddlerock ranch in malibu. although we had hoped for dry conditions, it was drizzling and we quickly had to decide if we would expedite a tent for our completely outdoor reception. we went with the safe route and had some clear tents brought to malibu for the reception, buffets and kitchen. in a twist of irony, it stopped raining once the tents went up. πŸ˜‰ but… the tents proved to be lifesavers as they provided a warm and cozy refuge from the 40 degree temps we had in the evening!! the clear tenting also allowed guests to still enjoy the gorgeous green surroundings, and magical twinkling lights strung from the trees added to an enchanting scene. (many, MANY thanks to cindy and her fabulous team from town & country event rentals, who made this last-minute tenting possible!! cindy, you are one in a million!)

the couple was picture-perfect and full of joy all day long, and the evening was marked by incredible food, striking dΓ©cor and a delicious, convivial atmosphere. two of my favorite elements of the day included a red cheese photobooth (*always* a hit!) and music from both a Persian band AND DJ Christian of Afterburn Productions. both kept guests entertained until the wee hours. i tip-toed into bed at 4 a.m. sunday morning, and enjoyed lovely (but brief!) dreams before church at 9 a.m. πŸ˜‰

you knew i wouldn’t come back empty-handed!! here are some photos i was able to snap throughout the day.

the ceremony set-up. c&e had a christian and persian ceremony back-to-back here. the arch is a permanent structure at the ranch, but the florist made it breathtaking with clusters of hydrangea and roses, accented by sprays of dendrobium and phalaenopsis orchids. underneath the arch was an elaborate sofreh, which is a dramatic tablescape that is central to a persian wedding ceremony. all of the items on the sofreh were carefully placed and hold cultural significance.

a closer look at the sofreh.

escort cards were set up on a table, with some in the middle suspended from these manzanita branches. lime cymbidium orchids and rich burgundy roses were the two theme florals of the evening, and i love the way they are featured here on a bed of puffy green hydrangea. can you spy the harp quartet in the distance? they played processional music from the score of practical magic. loved it!

the florist gently pulled back a couple outer layers of petals to give the roses an incredibly full look.

a mouthwatering fruit display was just one of many tantalizing stations opened during dinner and two (yes, two!) separate cocktail hours. the food was just INCREDIBLE, and it played a large part in setting a joyful tone for the event. stations and buffets encouraged mingling and sampling, and new delights were unveiled throughout the evening. if you look on the far left side of the table, you will catch a glimpse of the largest strawberries i’ve ever seen. seriously.

zooming in on the bountiful array of berries and fruits. everything was impeccable; it was like a faux fruit display!!

fun with fruit!

the tented reception, on a carpet of lush green grass. πŸ˜‰ tables were set with champagne satin linens, mahogany chiavari chairs, and cabernet-hued satin napkins tied with a ribbon and rhinestone accent. the centerpieces were simply magnificent “tree trunks” adorned with roses, orchids, and amaranthus. i adored the ornamental cabbage at the bases for a touch of natural whimsy.

another look at these unique centerpieces. the “trunk” was constructed from three natural branches, fused together.

more food! a salad buffet during cocktail hour #2. unfortunately i don’t have photos from the dinner buffet, as it was past 9 p.m. when that opened. πŸ˜‰ persian weddings embrace a loose timeline that intersperses feasting and festivities late into the evening. i can assure you, however, that everything i tried was scrumptious!

i love this picture from their impressive sushi station. live chefs indulged guests with fresh sashimi and both hand and cut rolls. this clean photo features slices of cucumber topped with ikura, or salmon roe. YUM.

one final snap of the guests during toasts. πŸ˜‰

once i have professional photos to share, courtesy of photograher kavan lee, i will definitely return with another post!

to c&e: i cannot tell you how fortunate i felt to work with you two. i am hard-pressed to think of two more kind, loving, and gracious people. to witness the way you interacted with one another was a blessing in and of itself. i throughly enjoyed every moment of planning with you both; thank you for making my job such a breeze! to see the looks on your faces at the end of the evening, as you swayed on the dancefloor to “one night” by the corrs (last song), was tremendously moving and rewarding. i’ll never forget the feeling! SO much love to you two, although i know you are overflowing with it already!! xoxo, angel

p.s. i hope you’re all having a great week. πŸ˜‰ wouldn’t you know, saturday is the date of another FAB wedding! i am finishing up some projects over the next two days but i will return after the weekend with your sneak peek!



  1. so lush and pretty! great job, as always.

  2. so glad I could be there assisting you!!! it was unreal how beautiful everything was! especially the zebras and buffaloes! πŸ˜‰
    the pictures don’t do the fruit display justice! they were incredible! πŸ™‚

  3. Those fruit sculptures are SO incredibly creative! it’s like the ice sculpture of the summertime!

  4. Lush!

  5. Ahh, everything about this wedding is so beautiful!!! I love the fruit sculptures and lush florals.

  6. So awesome! Those banana dolphins are adorable! That is one crazy arch! I’m glad your trip to Disneyworld gave you the energy and the nutrients to keep going until 4 am. Can’t wait for this weekend!

  7. These are absolutely stunning. I love the use of the different flowers as well as the fruit. The feeling they evoke is romantic and magical. Thanks so much for sharing and inspiring me!

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