Posted by: loveandsplendor | June 25, 2008

sneak peek – 6.21.08

saturday’s wedding was a joy-filled, detail-laden success! i can’t tell you how thrilled i was to see everything come together so beautifully, and to hear from the bride and groom just how much they adored everything. 😉 although the day was during our little soCal heat wave, the guests braved it out with pink & orange parasols and made the best of the hot temps. now that i’ve done both weather extremes at the villa (rain & hail vs. 105 degrees), i feel like i can really handle anything at that site!! hah as i drove home at the end of the evening, i heard the unmistakable ring of my phone, signalling a text message had been received. it was the bride, on the way to the hotel, and she texted: “Angel! From the bottom of my heart, thank you.” i was nearly moved to tears. again… i am deeply blessed to do what i do!

i know i will have some glorious pro pics to share with you soon, courtesy of the talented & fun jerry yoon. until then, i hope this sneak peek will tide you over. as i put the final touches on the set up before guests arrived, i kept giggling like a giddy schoolkid. i LOVED all of the special details that made this wedding sooo charming and one-of-a-kind. many thanks to kristin of the treasured petal for her breathtaking arrangements and creative vision! it is always a joy to collaborate with her. 😉

the shade completely enveloped the gorgeous patio as guests arrived — a much needed relief from the heat! tables were covered in champagne satin linens, surrounded by fruitwood chiavaris and matching champagne satin seat cushions. napkins were a beautiful navy blue satin, topped with their favor: a starthere notebook. check them out! i loooove that you can link the notebooks together!

another lovely shot of the reception set up. can you spy me on the far right? i wore a breezy yellow dress from anthropologie, featuring dutch tulips along the skirt + a red empire-waist sash. why i wore leggings in triple digit temps… i’ll never know.

centerpieces overflowed with peonies, roses and dahlias. they were just breathtaking!! each urn was perched atop a couple of antique books. we used over 100 antique books throughout the wedding as a strong design motif. adooooored this darling idea.

a scrumptious closer look at the centerpieces. the peonies were GIGANTIC… larger than my extended palms.

the sweetheart table! i LOVED the dozen “mini arrangements” kristin put together for this enchanting backdrop. each was so special and whimsical! my favorite was the apothecary jar filled with dahlia blooms.

perhaps one of my favorite details from the day! this scene came to me in a flash of creative daydreaming about 2 days before the wedding. i thought that with all the antique books floating around, we needed a unique guestbook option that tied everything together. i quickly jumped into action designing and then collecting fun objects for this mini-vignette. all of these items were hanging around my house already. haha

so here’s what you see above: enlarged library cards which i designed myself (to mimic the old school library checkout cards), freshly sharpened pencils in a tea tin, and my hand-stained mini-drawers as the collection receptacle. 😉 i used my antique typewriter (which belonged to erik’s late grandmother) to add character and “hold” a sign that read: “please file away a wish for the bride & groom!” the library cards read “from the library of veronica + paul,” and the due date column was filled with 6.21.08 over and over. swoooooooning over the adorableness of it all!

here’s a much better pic, courtesy of kristin’s rad hubby, joe! can you spy the turquoise mason jars in the background?

an enchanting pic from the end of the night — again, courtesy of joe!

there is so much more to share, but i am going to try to wait until i get the pro pics back so i give justice to the beauty of the day!

i hope you have a delightful rest of the week! of course, saturday i have another SPECTACULAR wedding and can’t wait to share it with you. brimming with excitement over here!! xoxo, angel



  1. Angel, you are a genius. The typewriter/library card guestbook is beautiful, quirky, and fun. Love it.

  2. so lush and pretty! love the harney & sons tea tin as pencil holder, too. 🙂

  3. Amazing! I can’t wait to see even more beautiful photos. I love the guest book ideas, waaaaaaayyy too cute 🙂

  4. Angel, this looks like a snapshot of my sister’s dream day! she’s such a bookie and I’m totally holding onto all of this mentally for her. Loved what you did with your friend’s vision!

  5. Fantastic! I was very interested to see how the books would play out, and they worked!

  6. i just found your site through a chain of other blog links and i LOVE it! i just read every single post and now i wish you lived here in australia so you could plan my future wedding!

  7. Okay…so Joe’s pictures remind me that I need to HOUND Kristin to get a blog already!!! 🙂
    What a beautiful wedding…lovelovelove! 🙂

  8. LOVE the card catalog!! the rounded corners make it SUPER FAB!!! 🙂

  9. Angel! We’re in prague right now checking your blog! Hehe – we wanted to thank you so much for allllll your help. You are a genius! We love you!!!!!!

  10. You got some great shots, Angel! Veronica’s wedding was one my all-time favorites. She was the most beautiful, calm, gracious bride. You were amazing as always! xoxo

  11. that was one kick ass wedding to shoot, not only because the decorations were killer, but we got to work with you, which was a blast. thanks for making this a memorable shoot, we’ll be posting pics soon!

  12. Hi Angel,
    What a beautiful wedding you’ve featured. I hope you don’t mind, but I’m so in love with all the details and have a blog post ready for next week to share with my readers all your fabulous work.

    To read about it, check out our site at

  13. […] Non-pro pics from Angel Swanson’s blog […]

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