Posted by: loveandsplendor | July 2, 2008

sneak peek – 6.28.08

spectacular. this word sums up saturday’s wedding quite nicely. i had the utter delight of working for 10 months with this very special couple and the culmination was a true success. to be honest, however, i expected nothing less from this stylish pair! with a fantastic venue (walt disney concert hall), vendor dream team, and loads of imagination, we created this beautiful day together. enjoy this sneak peek until i have professional photos from THE bil zelman. {bil is a renowned portrait artist and also creates the most gorgeous, vintage-inspired wedding images. it was such an honor to work with him! check out his work HERE.}

the newlyweds reside in NY and wanted to bring a taste of their beloved city to their wedding. the overall feel was vibrant, lush and chic. here’s a glimpse of the details that made their day so personalized and unique!

a poor paparazzi-style photo of the ceremony. can you spy those three spindly altar arrangements? florist bobbe vagell created breathtaking abstract structures dripping with flowers to frame their nuptials. adjacent to the music center’s dramatic rose fountain (covered in mosaic tile!), they were the perfect showpieces.

for these fabulous escort cards, an actual NY metro card was the inspiration. each guest had their own metro card “planted” in wheatgrass. a sweeping panoramic photo of new york was a fun backdrop for the display. can you spy anna in the background, trying to move the blue chair out of my pic? 😉

are these brilliant or what?? we used plastic florist picks (the ones that hold cards in cheesey bouquets) snapped in half to anchor our cards. i love how the wheatgrass makes it seem like they are spilling out from central park in the center of the photo.

a stunning ice sculpture of the new york skyline was featured during the cocktail hour. beautiful!

beet and goat cheese tower with toasted pistachio… served in a spoon. genius.

bobbe vagell created the whimsical centerpieces bursting with color. they included dahlias, pin cushions, callas, tulilps, billy balls, bells of ireland, james storei orchids (my fave!) and hanging amaranthus. half were in shades of orange…

..and the other half were composed of yellow blooms. as a sidenote… how gorgeous is this room? the stunning bp hall is just as striking and curvaceous as the exterior of the concert hall.

one more photo of the scrumptious florals!

a blurry but lovely peek at the party. i adored the playful polka dot projections, along with the warm wash of amber lighting that emphasized the honey-colored douglas fir walls.

forgive me for the poor lighting… but isn’t this cake magnificent?? the chocolate confection is draped in ganache and covered with cocoa-dusted truffles. YUM!! thank you to nancy kay confections for their creative and mouthwatering cake! the dulce de leche cake was fantastic!! (p.s. cake is on a glass base hovering over orchids and limes.

i can’t wait to show you much, much more once i receive bil’s pics. 🙂

friday i will be celebrating the 4th of july with another splendid wedding, and it will also be my sixth wedding in seven weeks — WOW! the 2008 season has been bustling and absolutely dreamy, but there are still so many incredible events to come! i can’t wait to share them all with you.

i also have a very fabulous forthcoming post about a special lunch i had today, but that will have to wait! thank you (from the bottom of my heart) to N for making my day, month, maybe YEAR, with today’s lunch! hehe i promise to share about this soon! if you see me in the next few days, however, you might spy the news on me before i spill the beans! 😀 xoxo, angel



  1. Wow Angel! Unbelievable photos, can’t wait to see more…and can’t wait to hear about the exciting news 🙂

  2. What a dream to get married at the WD Concert Hall!

  3. love it! i didn’t know they did weddings at the concert hall!! beautiful!! were you talking about our lunch at in n out!?!? I didn’t know it meant that much to you 🙂 haha! just kidding!
    I might have to find out from you what is so exciting when I see you tonight!! 🙂

  4. Hi Angel!!

    BEAUTIFUL! I love those flowers!

    Thank you SO much for letting me know you like the necklace! I was so excited when Nari told me that she was getting it for you!! You two are both the sweetest. I was so fond of the necklace and so I’m so happy it found a loving home with a beautiful and talented lady!! Thank you, Angel, for your continued support. I can’t wait to see more weddings from this season. I’m sure you are super busy! -Myra

  5. total dream venue and team of vendors. beautiful!

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