Posted by: loveandsplendor | July 21, 2008

veronica & paul – 6.21.08

wowowow am i excited to share this post with you!! i have been excitedly anticipating the release of pro-pics from veronica & paul’s wedding last month. you may remember my sneak peek of the gorgeous event, which took place at the breathtaking villa del sol d’oro in sierra madre. well thanks to the fun & talented jerry yoon, i can give you this much more attractive look at the day. πŸ˜‰ thank you sooo much to jerry + ingrid for their hard work and incredible eyes for detail. i am swooning over all of these pics!!

as you might recall, veronica is a dear college friend of mine. her wedding was truly special to me and it was an honor and privilege to play this role in designing, planning and coordinating it. erik and i were also guests (although truth be told, i barely sat down that evening!), so we had a blast catching up with old pals. ver — i love you so mucho! i am praying for you and paul as you enter this new chapter in your lives, together in boston!! i will miss you, but am thankful for an excuse to head to massachussetts! πŸ˜‰ without further ado, here are the pics…

a delicious detail collage! i especially adore the close-up shots of my beloved library cards and the stack of books wedged underneath the altar arrangements. we used children’s encyclopedias for the altar pieces, and i love their cheerful, colorful spines.

the light coming through veronica’s pronovias gown highlights the vintage-feeling lace details. you know i LOVE lace…

veronica made a jaw-droppingly beautiful bride, shown here flashing her sassy red heels!Β  hair and makeup courtesy of the uber-talented joyce luck.Β

the gorgeous couple.

this photo makes me smile SO much.

this is definitely one of my favorite bridal party shots of all time. i am thrilled that they integrated the quirky adirondack chairs in the photo, and i love the idea of heritage evoked by the grand tree.

jerry set up a make-shift photobooth on the side of the estate, and veronica & paul brought plenty of hilarious props to go with it. here are the groomsmen, putting them to good use!

here are the ladies, more amused than enthused by the props. πŸ˜‰ i was a huge fan of their navy blue dresses from anthropologie. i went to college with 5 of these girls, lived with 2 of them, and consider them all very precious little sisters. adoooore.

a rad aerial shot of my library “vignette”… aka the vintage typewriter + library card filing system guestbook. i am so trademarking it. haha

i love this ceremony shot. check out the GIGANTIC altar arrangement!!! they were beyond stunning. kristin of the treasured petal SERIOUSLY rocked it out at this wedding.

ceremony on the left, and the most joyful recessional i’ve ever seen on the right. πŸ˜‰

a beautiful tabletop, and a closer look at the fantastic starthere notebook favors.

the stunning façade of the villa, as shade enveloped the terrace. notice that not all tables have their flowers yet! we waited until the VERY last minute to pull out the delicate arrangements, as it was at least 103 degs. that day.

love, love, love these b&w shots of the couple in their traditional paebaek get-up.

too much fun!! thanks again to kristin of the treasured petal for her incredible talent and help in designing this event, as well as jerry & ingrid for their fabulous photos!

i hope you are all having a wonderful week… I AM! i am SO looking forward to saturday’s wedding. πŸ˜‰ it is going to be ultra luxe and so much fun!

on a total sidenote, i was DEEEELIGHTED to find that my favorite pic of me & erik was published in a magazine!! you know the one… THE SASH SHOT, by the image is found? well you can spy us in the fall/winter 2008 issue of bride’s southern california magazine, on both pages 33 and 164. pretty exciting!!

stay tuned for lots of exquisite wedding posts in coming weeks. 2008 has been so tremendous for me, and i praise God for His blessings!



  1. Thanks for sharing the beautiful wedding. And congrats on making the magazine – and why not, it’s an amazing shot.

  2. I was so excited to see this post! Jerry and Ingrid did an amazing job capturing this wedding. You were on FIRE that day, literally and figuratively πŸ™‚

    I can’t wait to get my hands on that bride’s issue.

  3. Love this wedding! And love the published sash pic!

  4. These photos are gorgeous, and YAY for the “sash shot!!”. That has to be the most amazing photo around.
    Congrats on the wonderful work you’ve done…we should hed over to MIMI’S πŸ™‚

  5. oh so pretty. love the adirondack chair/tree shot. congrats on the sash shot, again! πŸ™‚

  6. Such a gorgeous wedding! Congrat’s to you and Erik for being featured in a magazine….soooooo cool!!!

  7. wow these look great! I love the color. and the picture of the guys. -candice

  8. hey Angel,
    it was so great to have finally worked with you. thanks for the massive post and blog love. we had to actually restrain ourselves from posting too many pictures of all the juicy details. it would have blown up our blog!

    you and kristin did such awesome work, made us look like we’re good photographers!

  9. Absolutely gorgeous. Another amazing affair, Angel! And congrats on the published pic! I LOVE that photo of you 2.

  10. Love all of the details!! Congrats on the magazine that photo is seriously worthy of a gianormous canvas wallpaper. πŸ™‚

  11. AMAZING JOB on veronica’s wedding, Angel! It looks absolutely stunning!

  12. angel, once again, thank you πŸ™‚ i love you and CONGRATS on the GORGEOUS picture. i LOVE that sash picture it’s ridiculous. you def know how to pose!!!!! lol πŸ™‚

  13. Such beautiful details in the collage. Congrats on your photo being published…I LOVE that shot!

  14. wow angel! GOOOD job! I’m so glad you and kristin are following your “dreams.” Man… i guess I just need to come up with a cake business…

  15. Just came by to say hi and say Great Job! Love all the details and how everything turned out so beautifully! It’s hard to believe (by the photos) how hot it was that day!

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