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the asSIStant: meet anna!

most of my readers know that anna is my darling little sister, as well as my wedding coordination assistant. anna is a vital part of every wedding i coordinate and i can honestly say i would not be able to do what i do without her. πŸ˜‰ just for fun, i wanted to introduce her all to you in a fun format: 20 questions! hopefully you enjoy this peek into the life of the other vital member of the love & splendor team.

the adorable anna, taking a bite out of her betsey johnson clutch. photo by the RADDDDICAL photo duo, nate & jac of the image is found. the photo was taken in their signature crazybooth at a recent wedding!

1) what is your favorite thing about weddings?

i LOVE flowers. i LOVE colors. i also LOVE details. i guess you could say i love everything about weddings. it is fun to see the special details brides choose for one of the biggest days of their lives. we have been able to work on so many unique, fun weddings. each wedding is a new adventure and i love that.

2) favorite wedding locations?

this one is tough. i love trump national golf club because it is simply breathtaking. i also love the killer view from the ballroom at the marriott marina del rey, home of monika and nicholas’s stunning event. rancho sol del pacifico is another favorite location; it is so much fun working there. but bacara will always be special now that our mom was married there.

3) what are your favorite flowers?

SUNFLOWERS. for life. πŸ˜‰ but for weddings… i love bright, bold, funky arrangements. i always LOVE the work of kristin of the treasured petal. she works magic with flowers!

4) favorite wedding trends?

i’m a HUGE fan of the dessert bar, whether it be a candy buffet, cookie bar, or a display of to-go treats. at one wedding we did this year, guests were sent home with bags of fresh (warm!) cookies, a bottle of water, and coffee or tea for the ride home. i love that; it is the sweetest way to end the night!

5) favorite thing to do on a lazy afternoon?

i’d read a book in my backyard (with my puppy nearby), enjoying a ridiculously large iced coffee.

6) what are your long term goals?

i would love to own my own bakery one day. (**note from angel: i volunteer to do the interior design and taste testing!!)

7) what do you enjoy about working at love & splendor?

i don’t get to see my big sis that often, so every wedding is a blast. we have so much fun together and we try to coordinate our outfits sometimes (don’t laugh!) to make sure we look our best. for those of you who don’t know angel personally, she is the most creative, fun and beautiful person. that’s what i enjoy most: just being around someone like that. it just so happens that she’s my big sister, too. (**note from angel: aww! i promise i didn’t bribe her with a raise to write that!)

8 ) what are your favorite wedding memories?

i have seen some crazy coordinated dances as well as awesome entertainment like cigar rolling stations, UCLA mascot visits, USC band performances, taiko drummers, Chinese lion dancers and more. i have also heard some hilarious toasts. every wedding we do is filled with amazing moments and guests having a great time!

9) favorite movies?

i know i totally look like it (haha NOT) but I LOVE slasher films. anything with blood and gore, i’m all over! my favorite movies include the silence of the lamb series, saw (all of them — can’t wait for saw V on october 24!), taking lives, seven, there will be blood, 310 to yuma… i also enjoy comedies like BLADES OF GLORY! if you haven’t seen that, go get it right now! and yes, enchanted is also on my list.

10) favorite restaurants?

mmm… crustacean! done.

11) favorite foods?

crab and anything seafood. i LOVE pizza and cheeseburgers. (**note from angel: fun fact about anna — she barred pork from her diet for years. why? because she thought pigs were adorable animals. haha she has since allowed her love of bacon to overshadow her love of piggies.)

12) favorite desserts?

cake. chocolate. pretty sure there are few, if any, desserts that i don’t love.

13) name some fun, random factoids about yourself.

  • i can knit a mean scarf
  • i’m probably one of the worst drivers ever. (**note from angel: don’t ask anna how many cars she has wrecked in less than 6 years of driving. for this reason, we almost always carpool to weddings and I DRIVE.)
  • i snort when i laugh, if you’re lucky.
  • i laugh at everything.

14) how many tattoos do you have? does each one have significance?

i have eight (8) and they are all special. my most recent tat was done in Vegas and it symbolizes my relationship with my sister. i basically have her on my back forever. (**note from angel: it’s a pair of A’s… one upper case and one lower case. the upper case A has a halo on it.) i also think languages are really rad, so i often get words or phrases that i love written in different languages. i currently have tattoos in hebrew (wrist), italian (back), greek (inner arm) and latin (top of foot).

15) are there more tattoos to come?

of course! i’m itching to get a half-sleeve… something uber-colorful. but, my mom would probably have a heart attack. (**note from angel to anna: big sis says a half-sleeve, however awesome, is not work appropriate. haha)

16) do you collect anything?

i guess you could say i collect ridiculously expensive bags and sunglasses. and hats. i LOVE hats. (**note from angel: i can vouch for this. but, the up-side is that anna is very generous with sharing her bags with her sis!)

17) what is your dream vacation spot?

i want to go everywhere. i’d love to go back to capri, especially. (**note from angel: we went to capri during a european family vacation in 2003.)

18) hidden talents?

i’m bomb with kids. give me a crying baby and 3 minutes. i can make miracles happen. (**note from angel: this is no joke. anna continues to work her baby magic as a part-time nanny.)

19) name some of your least favorite tasks…

  • studying
  • sitting through a bad date πŸ˜‰
  • waking up really early
  • confronting a barista when my drink is wrong (**note from angel: anna is a former starbucks employee.)
  • arguing with strangers about the breed of my dog (**note from angel: haha this is a hilarious story; you have to ask her about it!)

20) hilarious sister memories?

angel thinks these are hilarious… but me, not so much. πŸ˜‰

  • angel used to lock me in my closet and feed me cereal in there. actually she would toss in cereal when she thought i might be hungry. (**note from angel: we had a gigantic walk-in closet that had two doors and i told her to pretend it was her own room. she was never in there for more than 10 minutes.. right anna? haha)
  • angel and i used to have imaginary tea parties, and she’d make me pay (with real money… from my piggy bank) for my imaginary tea and scone. (**note from angel: i plead the fifth.)
  • this one is kinda funny. we used to have a fake talk radio show called the <insert last name here> show. we recorded ourselves on cassettes and recently found them. πŸ˜‰ (**note from angel: i promise to play some of these at anna’s wedding one day!)

hope you all enjoyed that fun peek into the life and times of miss anna! she and i are opposites in sooo many ways, but we really are the ideal team — as sisters, friends, and biz colleagues. love you, sis! see you tomorrow for our road trip.

note to readers: i’ll be out of town from friday thru sunday for a FABBBBBBBBBBULOUS wedding. emails will be returned on monday the 13th. xoxo, angel



  1. I loved this interview! I am laughing at the cereal prison. πŸ˜€

  2. Such a cute interview. And that picture is hilarious! I’m sure my little sis has stories about mean things I did to her – we older sisters are cruel. : )

  3. What a fun interview! I love this! What lucky sisters : )

  4. awww, sisters. my sister used to make me be her horsey and ride me around the house til i either collapsed or cried.

    anna, you are so sweet! you know i’m going to do your sunflower-drenched wedding someday!

  5. You two are the best!! Thank you for the glimpse into Anna’s life, Marlene and I enjoyed reading the interview!

  6. Aww… so excited to make #8!! πŸ˜€

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  8. OMG – I love this sister love and ribbin! Makes me wish my lil sis could hurry up and finish school to be near me again! You guys are too cute!

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