Posted by: loveandsplendor | October 14, 2008

fab weekend recap!

happy tuesday, everyone! i am in such a great mood today, most likely attributed to the fantastic weekend i had. 😉 here are a few reasons why oct. 10-12 rocked my socks off…

1. FABulous wedding @ the W Hotel, San Diego

i spent 2 nights at the super fun & hip W Hotel in San Diego for saturday’s wedding. the couple is one of my faves; they are SOOO sweet and tons of fun. the bride & i hit it off from the get go and i know we will have serious post-planning withdrawal. their chartreuse & chocolate celebration was modern, funky, and seamless. just the way i like it! we had some AMAZING vendors on board, and i’ll share about them all when the photos come in. for now, i have to give some shout outs to deeeelightful florist nellie of stems design studio & two of my favoritest people in the world: nate & jac of the image is found. as usual, they brought the party… and the crazy. here are a couple of snaps they caught of me & anna in their crazybooth. see the rest on THEIR BLOG!

this photo of anna is hilarous! “You caught like three feet of air that time!” – napoleon dynamite. **you can also see 2 of anna’s 8 tattoos in this pic: one on her ankle and one on top of her foot. that tiny line is actually 3 words in latin.


HAHA! this totally cracks me up, but i love it. my gold dress is by tory burch and is on sale right now at net-a-porter! the skinny green belt is from banana republic and my headband is from forever 21. anna is dressed in a zara sweater, a top from gap, banana republic skirt and bcbg flats seen in the running pic above.

2. my SUPER SWEET bride gifted me with (not one but) TWO twigs and honey pieces!! myra — you are a serious rock star! i loooove them! proof positive: i wore the brown one to church on sunday and the grey one out running errands yesterday. 😉 you can also peek the incredibly beautiful birdcage veil + hair flower myra crafted for the bride.

isn’t this stunning??

3. my new purse arrived — eeeeek!! it’s rebecca minkoff’s morning after bag mini in sea green, and it is the perfect size & color. (disregard the word “mini” in the bag’s name. the regular sized morning after bag is GINORMOUS and this “mini” is slightly bigger than an LV speedy 30.) i’ve already performed the bag transfer. it will probably be attached to my shoulder for the next month. 😉

the color is sooo off in this pic. it is a much deeper, richer color in person. i’ll have to snap my own pic to show you soon. 😉

4. cal continues to work its way up in the football rankings. gooooo bears!

hope you all have a fantastic week! my 5th wedding in 5 weeks is this saturday, and i CANNOT wait for the elegant, gorgeous affair. xoxo, angel



  1. You guys are so stylin’!

  2. love that picture of you and Anna. Totally hot! Love the RM mini. Beautiful bag!

  3. Rawr!!~ haha love it!~

  4. Ooohhh. This does sound like a good mood sort of day. I love that bag, and if the color is even better in person than it must be fabulous.
    The wedding sounds (and looks) like it was tons of fun.

  5. I love you Angel. You are so cute. The crazy booth pic of you and Anna looks like a Sweet Valley High book cover. xoxo

  6. I am normally just a blog stalker, but I had to comment on your RM bag. I have been RM obsessed for the past few years and currently have about 8 of her bags. Congrats on yours:) The sea green color is to die for.

  7. LOVE the hair accessories absolutely FAB! Image is Found is amazicle, love the crazybooth photos. 🙂

  8. i love the floral hair pieces…. and w hotel rocks!

  9. seriously such fashionistas. you and anna need to come dress me.

  10. I love the pieces from twigs and honey!

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