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naomi & steve – 2.28.09

On Saturday I kicked off my 2009 season with this very special wedding. Naomi first heard about me from her friend (Hi Liz!) who discovered my blog. I remember the first time Naomi called me (I was driving home from Orange County) and she interviewed me over the phone. I learned three things that instantly drew me to her: 1) She was a Cal alum (Go Bears!!!), 2) She was hapa kolea, like me (She is half-Korean, half-Puerto Rican), and 3) She has the most infectious personality! I knew we would be a perfect match, and apparently she did too! ๐Ÿ˜‰ She decided to hire me based on that phone conversation.

For nearly a year we shared a wonderful email & phone relationship. Naomi was planning from across the country and I loved helping her put together this fabulous Rancho Las Lomas wedding. Keywords that drove the design of this event included lavender, sage, organic, rustic, natural, and romantic. One thing that inspired me throughout the process was simply the love between this special pair. Naomi & her now husband (eek!), Steve, share such an incredible bond. They were together for nearly 9 years when they tied the knot, and had spent most of that time living in different states. But when they are together, it is truly something to behold. They have this quiet, unspoken connection that really moves me. That and they are always laughing together! (Oh, by the way, Naomi has the most beautiful laugh in the entire world. Seriously. It is like the sound of angels laughing. How cheesetastic am I for saying that?? But honestly, hearing her laugh makes me smile SO BIG and I know I’m not the only one who thinks it is music to their ears!) You’re a lucky man, Steve! But truly, you both are so blessed and I wish you a rich lifetime of love!

Now on to the images!! I am delighted to share these stunning images from their day thanks to the stunning-herself Jasmine Star! Jasmine is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet, and truly talented. She is so adept at capturing the story between two people in love, and I think the following photos really speak volumes about the love shared between Naomi and Steve. xoxo Jas!! I love working with you and JD!

Behold the beautiful bride! Check out the altogether lovely florals by the AMAZING Kristin of The Treasured Petal. Steve’s bout looks like a delicate piece of art!

The couple shared a joyful “first look” before the ceremony. Naomi’s face says it all…

Sooo many gorgeous portraits! RLL is a photographer’s paradise, with lots of sweet nooks & corners.

For a fun twist on the wish bowl, Naomi collected vintage postcards for guests to scribble advice and best wishes on, before dropping them into these antique-feeling trunks. Isn’t the pattern on them SO LV Damier?? haha See the vintage-y weather vane? That is actually mine, and sits on the counter in my kitchen. I scored it for $15 at an antique store in Julian, CA, a few years back. As I was running out the door that morning, I snagged it and decided to bring it along. It felt perfect for Naomi’s wedding, and fit with the “travel” feel of this little wish station. It is pretty common for me to bring random tchotchkes from my home to weddings if I think they would work. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I loooved the organic feel of the flower girl’s basket + ringbearer’s pillow. At the rehearsal they wouldn’t even look at each other, but on the wedding day they became best friends. It was darling! Those are my hands holding the programs, bound with nubby twill tape. My fave! The escort cards were nestled in dark stained wooden boxes filled with moss.

Here comes the bride! Naomi looks absolutely perfect, & truly excited to marry her sweetheart!

A joyous recessional to “Beautiful Day” by U2, arranged and played by Fiddlestix String Quartet.

The precious & practical favors were mini potted herbs! I picked these babies up from my local nursery (and carefully transported 8 flats of them over 60 miles!) and added these cute stakes. They are just tongue depressors with the date stamped on one side (not pictured — I used a vintage library stamp!) and the herb names playfully handwritten on the other. They had fun sayings like “it’s about THYME!” and “MINT to be!” The ballroom smelled heavenly with these at each placesetting.

The ballroom was cozy and romantic, with lots of candlelight to set the mood. Tables were covered in deep eggplant-hued satin linens, while the sweetheart table stood out in contrasting lilac. Placesettings included a menu + a few sprigs of lavender. More herbal goodness..

Naomi & Steve topped their cake with customized kokeshi dolls. Too cute!

The couple also participated in a traditional Korean wedding ceremony called the paebaek. In this photo, Steve is giving his bride a piggy back ride, symbolizing how he will care for her in their marriage. I love the expression in this image!

And I’ll end with this delightful portrait of the newlyweds. Adore!!

{ Vendor roundup }

Naomi — what am I going to do now that your wedding is over?? I cherish the beautiful friendship we’ve built during our months of planning. You are such a kind-hearted, generous, loving person and your zest for life is positively infectious. I am going to miss all of our phone convos and emails, so do me a favor and keep in touch!! I love you to pieces and know you and Steve will enjoy such a blessed, joy-filled life together as husband and wife. XOXO, angel



  1. Go bears! Go hapas! Go tchotchskes????? You and your tchotchskes. You crack me up Angel! So fun to kick off this year with you!

  2. i was so thinking damier when i saw their trunk. you did a great job styling the wedding ๐Ÿ™‚ love the cake toppers too.

  3. I didn’t know you knew about my “referral”. ๐Ÿ™‚ You did a great job!!

  4. hey angel! i don’t know if you remember me, but i think we both lived in freeborn freshman year? so random – i’m friends with liz and know naomi so i was sent these pictures! looks great =) looks like you also have a lot of great reviews on PW (my sister’s website)

  5. Love you!! It was a blast working the wedding together and I hope there’s more in our future. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Gorgeous! Love all the little details.

  7. I love those herb favors and the paper goods you designed are gorgeous, Angel!

  8. beautiful wedding and dream vendor team!

  9. I love paebaek photos! This was no exception!

    Great work, Angel!

  10. so pretty and romantic. such a cute couple!

  11. that is totally the dream vendor team! looks great Angel! =)

  12. wooo! that wedding was such a blasty blast!
    Loved ALL of the vendors!
    i especially loved the “MINT to be”, and “it’s about THYME”

  13. […] Malibu wedding for this summer. ย Borami happens to be the sister of one of my former clients, Naomi. ย I LOVE that I get to work with their effervescent family again on this very special occasion. […]

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