Posted by: loveandsplendor | March 29, 2009

birthday weekend, 2009

although i endeavor to remind myself of my blessings each and every day, i find that i’m always especially filled with gratitude on my birthday. i suppose that i associate acquiring a new age with the need to reflect and reminisce. sometime back in the 80’s, on a military base in Texas, my little life began. along the way, i have been overwhelmingly blessed by amazing people and experiences. today i am the proud wife of my incredible husband, a friend to some extraordinary people, and a confidante and assistant to the fabulous couples who entrust me with their wedding plans. i never could have imagined that this is where i would end up at age twenty-five, but this is how the Lord had it for me. and i am SO thankful for His perfect will + timing. i am so excited for what this year holds in store for me…

here is a peek at how i spent my birthday weekend earlier this month.

i kicked off the celebrations with a special birthday tea with my mother-in-law, del. she is the most thoughtful person! here’s another fact that everyone knows about me: i looove tea. i love drinking tea, i love buying tea, i love going for afternoon tea, i love holding afternoon tea! del took me to a darling tea room i had never tried before and we spent hours just chatting and unwinding.

while we did enjoy some house tea (a sweet and spicy black tea), i could not resist ordering a refreshing glass of rosewater lemonade. DELISH and bottomless refills. i would pay a pretty penny for this recipe… (p.s. i love everything rose-flavored, including a delicate rose gelato!)

first course: a tasty lentil soup. smooth, perfectly-spiced and comforting.

second course: a crisp green salad with the most addictive sesame dressing.

a unique twist on the traditional tea sandwich: most of the offerings are served as wraps on lavash. the fillings remain accessible favorites, however. turkey cranberry, smoked salmon, and egg salad.

we also enjoyed some fabulous dessert, but i apparently failed to photograph the marvelous tiered display! trust me when i say it was altogether delightful. i highly recommend my favorite place (yes, that’s the actual name) for an intimate, attentive, charming tea experience. πŸ˜‰ thank you, mom!

on saturday (the 7th – my actual bday), i knew i wanted to have lunch in san pedro. a longstanding tradition with my sis & daddy is having lunch at ports o’call. it’s basically a long dock with tons of fish markets and restaurants. you pick your fresh fish and seafood (we always get a sizable tilapia and 3-4 lbs of large shrimp) on the market side, and then drop it off on the restaurant side. they cook it up to order then and there. the fish is deep fried whole (YUM), while the shrimp is cooked fajita-style (with chunks of potato, bell peppers and onions). pair it with some lemons & limes, tapatio, tortillas and huge loaves of garlic bread… and you have yourselves one scrumptious feast! we used to go do this nearly every saturday of my childhood. back in the day, after lunch we would take a harbor cruise and get ice cream. this time we skipped the cruise but went for the ice cream. πŸ˜‰

we let the boys join us. πŸ˜‰ left to right: anna’s friend edward, my beautiful sis, erik my love, and me!

for dinner, erik and i went to old favorite pasta pomodoro for a tasty & nostalgic meal. while we were dating at cal, we used to go to “pasta p” all the time for cheap & delish dates. we also finally saw slumdog millionaire, and loved it (of course!). it was a lovely way to spend the evening.

finally… i went to a family birthday dinner on sunday night with mom, raj, anna, and erik. we enjoyed a delightful sunday supper @ lucques. if you live in soCal and haven’t had sunday supper at lucques, you are missing out!! it is a 3-course prix fixe meal for $45. the first course + dessert choices are fixed, and you have two options for the entrΓ©e. each menu is released a few days prior (typically the wednesday prior) so you can browse it and make a reservation if it tickles your fancy. it is always packed so sometimes it is worth booking your reservation before the menu is released. πŸ˜‰ on march 8th the menu was:

roasted asparagus with soft polenta, butter-crumbled egg and shaved parmesan. sweet & tender stalks of asparagus nestled on a bed of creamy polenta. the egg was the best part. i loved breaking into the crisp breaded exterior and spilling warm yolk all over the plate. YUMMM

maine diver scallops with green garlic soubise, pea shoots and tangerines or
duck pot au feu with farro, young turnips, stinging nettles and duck sausage. clearly i went with the scallops. they were INCREDIBLE. 4/5 of us went for them, but mom opted for the duck pot au feu. it was also quite tasty. and finalement…

rutiz farm’s carrot cake with golden raisins, walnuts and milk sherbet. wowee was this good! i love a good carrot cake, and this one was moist, well-spiced and chock full of walnuts… just the way i like it! the milk sherbet was the perfect complement: light and icy.

ready to make my wish… i’m wearing an anthropologie dress (yeah, another one!), tarina tarantino lucite heart necklace (my oldest tt piece…7 years old!), and twigs & honey hair piece. erik got me this gorgeous teal creation as part of my bday present!!

i have a slight peacock feather obsession, so this piece is perfect for me. that’s not a hearing aid in my ear, btw, but my dorky hands-free cell phone ear piece.

the gorgeous myra also sent me this special headband. how feminine and precious is this? i wore it to my afternoon tea excursion with del. sooo delicate; i feel like a little girl when i wear it! thank you, myra!!

all in all, i felt thoroughly spoiled for my birthday. πŸ˜‰ thank you for being a part of my life via this blog. here’s to another fabulous year!!

p.s. SO many gorgeous posts in the queue, including three FAB weddings. yesterday’s wedding at the ritz carlton marina del rey was nothing short of AMAZING. sooo excited to give you a sneak peek!!

xoxo, angel



  1. u were pretty spoiled this year! πŸ™‚
    All of your bday celebrations.. You lucky duckling,you.6 more months for me! Love you sister!

  2. What a great weekend! I love the boys’ matching fauxhawks.

  3. Happy Birthday! I really love your new hair piece!

  4. so much good food! that’s how i like to celebrate my birthday, too. πŸ˜‰

  5. Happy birthday!

    I’ve had the Luques website bookmarked for months now, and I check the Sunday supper menu every week (yes, I’m a freak). Your pictures have convinced me that I need to stop putting it off and make it happen already!

  6. So much good food in one weekend…Heaven on earth! You deserve it all! πŸ™‚

  7. yummy. i love birthdays w/ lots of food! happy birthday angel!

  8. Happy belated birthday Angel! Glad to see it looks like you had a great time =-)

  9. Happy belated birthday Angel! πŸ™‚ Your birthday celebrations all sound amazing. I love using the birthday excuse to treat myself. πŸ˜‰

  10. it seems like a splendid birthday πŸ™‚ you truly deserve it all.

    i had so much fun working with you and anna on saturday. thanks again!

  11. Happy belated birthday! It looks like you had a wonderful celebration – love all the scrumptious food pics, especially of the afternoon tea. “My Favorite Place” looks divine!!

  12. looks like you had a grand time for your birthday. i LOVE LOVE LOVE tea rooms! a friend of mine took me to one for the first time in college and I died from adoration of the place!

    can’t wait to see your work coming soon!

  13. I ❀ tea as well, we should exchange our sources and favorites ;o). I also ❀ anything rose-flavored, scented, etc. Mondo gelato rose gelato is the best! Your rosewater lemonade sounds heavenly. Glad you had a great bday ;o)

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