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tran & peter – 12.6.08

hellooo, lovely readers! i am back from an unexpected hiatus. 😉 due to some technical issues with my blog, i wasn’t able to post for the past week or so. to apologize for the blog drought, i have returned with a photo-heavy recap of a fabulous wedding i did at the end of 2008. i hope it satisfies your desire for eye candy this friday!!

i met tran and peter @ a local coffee bean (mmm! english breakfast tea lattes are my favorite!) and we clicked right away! (you know the story, right? girl meets coordinator, coordinator and girl fall mutually in adoration with each other…) tran envisioned a joyful, unique wedding day filled with bright and cheerful colors and florals. her style keywords included modern, creative, and happy. instead of embracing a rigid color palette, we went for a delicious mix of tropical fruit colors. lime & grass greens were mixed with shades of fuschia, lemon yellow and tangerine. i think the overall look & feel of the day perfectly aligned with tran’s initial vision. 😉 we enlisted some fab vendors and had a beautiful day!! here’s a glimpse at what transpired, thanks to two of my FAVORITE people (and photographers!!) on the planet, nate & jac kaiser of the image is found:

the beautiful couple, framed by towering cypress trees!

the blushing bride wore an absolutely gorgeous blush-hued liancarlo gown. her mega bouquet, carefully crafted by my dearest kristin of the treasured petal, included crisp cymbidium orchids and fluffy peonies + ranunculus.

i couldn’t resist posting all of these INSANELY GORGEOUS portraits of the couple. nate + jac blew me away with their genius talent in capturing this wedding. if i were tran & peter, i would be wallpapering my home with these stunning images!!

i love this photo of the bridal party, framed by the two skinny trees.

the couple’s trusty yorkie, ocho, was the dapper ringbearer. here he strikes a thoughtful pose for the camera.

one of my favorite shots of the day: this joyful capture of tran and her bridesmaids! i love that the girls carried unique, monochromatic bouquets. they coordinated perfectly without being too matchy matchy. and how amazing are their flowy gray dresses?? it was one of my all-time favorite bridesmaid dresses.

the soothing scene for the ceremony. while most diamond bar center weddings take place on a non-descript lawn (not pictured), we opted for a more unique layout in the zen garden. we had seating dispersed among the tiered levels of the garden, following the length of a modern “river” fountain.

the “altar” was flanked by two sleek plexiglass columns topped with manzanita arrangements. kristin provided dozens of these whimsical hurricanes to line the aisle. each was wrapped in a different (yet coordinating) patterned paper. she also filled some vases with orange tinted water and floated a large two-tone daisy on top. tran LOVES gerber daisies!

the striking manzanita pieces were dotted with cymbidium orchid blooms and hanging candles. i loved the orange beaker-like vases filled with single flowers, too! the look was playful, bright and fun!

here’s that ceremony site in action! note ocho calmly observing from the bride’s side. 😉

the escort card table was lined with these fabulous cardboard boxes filled with mints. 😉 each box had a cloud-like cutout with the guest’s name and table assignment. cardboard ended up being a strong design motif of the wedding, and these pieces were designed by the couple themselves. peter actually works in the graphic design of product packaging, so he had some really innovative ideas i LOVED.

the escort card table arrangement should always be a show-stopper. kris delivered with this incredible piece that featured strands of strung orchids, more hanging candles & beaker vases, and charming bubble bowls filled with blooms at the base.

more scrumptious cardboard details! the menus featured a floral design closure and the table numbers were simple and modern corrugated cardboard cut outs.

the couple had a delectable traditional chinese banquet menu for dinner, so we did not have centerpieces on the tables. but, the tables were lovely swathed in olive windowpane linens, accented by nubby maize colored napkins. you can sort of make out the chiavari chair pads they chose, which featured a gold-toned cherry blossom fabric. so chic!

the sweetheart table featured its own long and low vase bursting with color! bold fuschia uplighting added mood to the room.

a mouth-watering dessert display was set up courtesy of vanilla bakeshop. amy b. of vanilla bakeshop is a culinary genius! if you are interested in making my day, feel free to send me some of her meyer lemon raspberry cupcakes and copious amounts of her southern banana pudding. thanks in advance! 😉

i’ll end with this rad photo of the couple during their grand entrance. after swaying tenderly to a jason mraz song (swoooon) for their first dance, they busted out their sunglasses for an uptempo kickoff to the reception. absolutely fantastic!!

tran + peter: i heart you two sooo much!! i am so thankful that we continue to keep in touch via email. i can’t wait to grab sushi with you two again soon. thank you for putting your faith in me with your wedding plans. it was a delight working with you both and i couldn’t have been more pleased with how it all unfolded! xoxo, angel

vendor roundup:



  1. first of all, coffee bean english breakfast tea lattes are my fave too! (Not to mention all of Amy’s goodies! don’t get me started!)

    I love this wedding! So fun and fresh. The delicious bouquet, all of the cardboard details- love it!

  2. these are some of my favorite flowers. ever! kris was the bomb. as usual…

    and you should’ve put up some pictures from the insanely awesome CRAZYBOOTH!

    they were such a fun couple, the site was PERFECT, and that day was just BOMB!


  3. love all the details on this angel!

  4. The Image Is Found totally outdid themselves on this wedding. I love these photos! And you were fabulous as always, darling! And Tran and Peter were too precious for words. I still can’t believe he made all those cardboard products.

  5. Fabulous wedding, but then again with you coordinating and such great vendors, it wouldn’t be anything but great.

  6. looove the shot of them laying in the grass

  7. i love the fuschia peonies, different color candles, beautiful outdoor setting, love it!!!

  8. so crazy story.

    i randomly clicked a link on i am style-ish. and i remember you from high school. you were two years older than i am, and i was friends with your sister because of swim.

    i love your blog! i’m definitely linking you. so you’re a wedding planner, i see. your work is absolutely stunning.

  9. WOW! Your work is INSANEly beautiful!! LOVE your site. Especially the affiliates/people we love page. I’m wanting to do the same for mine eventually. Love the way you’ve done yours. very classy and pretty!

  10. holy goodness. some of the best wedding photos i have ever seen – and every detail was to-die for. i am especially loving the cardboard. wowza.

  11. Hello there,
    this wedding is too special for words…what a beautiful day it must have been!!!
    The bridesmaid’s dresses are AMAZING, I am a bride looking for dresses for my girls currently. Do you know what the brand of the dresses is, I would love to try and track them down : )

  12. I love the bridesmaid dresses – any idea who the designer is/ what style they are? Thanks!

  13. […] many details since it’s still a work in progress, but I will show you my inspiration: MS, L&S, MS, DD, […]

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