Posted by: loveandsplendor | April 28, 2009

generally fab finds – april 2009

april showers bring may flowers, right? well we aren’t getting much rain here in sunny soCal (and that’s the way i like it!), but i can tell you that in terms of my “busy-ness,” it is POURING over here at L&S! i’ve been running around trying to stay dry in the downpour… readily armed with my too-cute lulu guinness umbrella, of course! 😉 i am so thankful for my job & my clients, especially in the current economic climate. but i am simultaneously sorry to not have as much time as i’d like to devote to my blog. i thought i’d FINALLY set aside a little time to play catch up here. here are some fun “general” fab finds that have brought me inspiration & joy as of late. they are more like random tidbits than fab finds, but i hope you enjoy! TONS of wedding posts in the queue, so know that your patience will be rewarded shortly!

1) THE one and only tarina tarantino posted a “tweet” linking to my blog!! yessss, you read that correctly. 😉 if you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you will recall that i am a major tarina devotee. well i guess somehow tarina came across the blog post i wrote about her delightful jewelry and she posted a link to it on her twitter account!! here is a screen shot, courtesy of my darling client J, who emailed me to let me know!

the top post is a link to THIS POST!

as you can imagine, i was giddy about the mention. 😉 i plan on marching into tarina tarantino’s flagship boutique later this week and seeing if i can leave a biz card for tarina. i’m pretty sure we’d be best friends forever if we met. seriously.

2) i saw weddingbee’s fabulous miss hot cocoa become a mrs.! yep, it is true. i had my 3rd “bee” bride last month and was soooo overwhelmed with joy and delight as she married her love of 15+ years! amazing. i cannot wait to share all of the utterly fab details with you. for now, here is a photo of mrs. h.c. and i at her posh rehearsal dinner at wolfgang puck’s chinois on main. they did a buyout on a friday night — sweetness!

for the interested fashionistas… my top is nanette lepore and mrs. h.c. is wearing badgley mischka. we are complete fashion twins and initially bonded over a mutual love for anthropologie. love this girl to the moon!!!

3) i cut blunt bangs! if you couldn’t already tell from the photo above… i decided to cut blunt bangs about a month ago. i actually had bangs all my life up until age 16 when i decided to go “crazy” my senior year of HS and grow them out. haha i remember being sooo nervous to grow them out! well i finally returned to my fringed hairstyle and have to say i love it. 😉 my fabulous salon gives free bang trims so i am there every 10 days or so. my hair grows like a weed!! bumble & bumble ‘straight’ is my magic product for smooth, frizz free bangs. here is a recent pic of me, my new bangs, and my kristin (of the treasured petal):

i’m wearing an anthropologie headband, urban outfitters vest (which i will admit, is slightly ridiculous… haha), and betsey johnson dress. kristin teased me that day for “wearing everything in my closet at once,” (you can’t see my leggings & riding boots…) but i know she loves me and my quirky style nonetheless. 😉

4) i scored some fantastic summery shades of nail polish… i absolutely love doing my own nails. it is a huge stress reliever for me, and i enjoy taking my time to make them perfect. 😉 i’d say i do my nails about once a week and i frequently joke around and say that if i wasn’t a wedding planner, i’d make a pretty great manicurist. haha i exclusively use OPI polishes after being positively freaked by the cancer warning re: essie polishes at my local ulta. i mean, seriously?? anyway, i recently picked up some great hues including ‘shootout at the OK coral’ (a perfect shimmery summer-time coral), ‘lincoln park at midnight’ (a shimmery deep purple… kinda scared of dark polish but am hoping to push my comfort zone), and ‘on collins avenue’ (a fun orange/red shade).

on collins avenue…

5) i booked an EXTRA special wedding that i can’t really talk about yet. no guesses, please. 😉 i promise i’ll share when the time is right! of course all of my clients are precious to me, but this one is a bit different.. and you’ll soon see why. thanking God for all the amazing opportunities He brings my way!

hope you all are having a delightful week so far! i have an elegant wedding this Saturday for a darling couple. black, white, platinum and pink! it is going to be insanely beautiful and dripping with details. cannot wait…

enjoy the rest of your week! xoxo, angel



  1. sweet on the tarina tarantino shout! and congrats on all the busy-ness. i should hire you to do my nails, since the wedding’s long over. they sure need it.

    oh, and the bangs (and all your fashion choices) = fab.

  2. So much good stuff in one post!

    I will just give you one big SQUEEEEEE! 😀

  3. Great post! Thanks for sharing! Can’t wait to hear all about this extra special wedding 🙂

  4. HOLLA! you and kris are adorable. and i LOVE your quirky style. Pretty sure i’m #1 fan of your bangs and crazy nail polish! maybe just your #1 fan in general. 🙂

    So excited for that surprise wedding. holllaaaa!!


  5. Hi!

    I stumpled across your blog doing some wedding search for a friend, who works with Tarina. I saw your old post about her line and sent it her way. Glad to see your mention made it all the way up to your fave pink hair’d lady!
    Have a great day!

  6. Love you to Venus!

  7. Haha! Of course I love your quirky style. It’s utterly fab! My guess is Paris Hilton? haha.

  8. Can’t wait for the wedding ~ I told Dave & Nancy they were in good hands! 😀

  9. hey Angel! the bangs are toooo adorable! the lincoln park purple shade from opi is my everyday fave! I am looking for a good coral one too – so thanks for the suggestion! I just heard about a place in garden grove area that sells OPI polishes for like 2 bucks! I will check it out and let you know if it’s true! 😉 congrats on the super secret, super special new wedding! it is much deserved! see you soon, xoxo.

  10. Oh! You are a little doll. You look just smashing with your bangs! I know… I used to have bangs and then I thought it would be more *cool* to grow them out… and then a few years ago, I got them back. 🙂
    And the “different” wedding… you are a tease. I cannot wait to see it! Every wedding you touch turns to gold. Perfect and lovely!

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