Posted by: loveandsplendor | July 27, 2009

back & bearing gifts :)

hello, dear readers! i hope you all are having a marvelous july and have been enjoying the summertime weather. things have been buzzing around here but i am so sorry to have left you all post-less for so long. so, i return bearing gifts in the form of image-laden blog posts! later today you can look forward to a MEGA wedding post with nearly 40 delicious images from a funky, modern wedding i did in may. later this week, i’ll follow up with another fabulous wedding post. it will be a great contrast to the wedding i’ll post today, as this 2nd wedding was more classically elegant, traditional and inspired by spring. from then on out, i hope to bring you more frequent batches of eye-candy and inspiration via this blog. thank you for sticking with me and leaving me so much love in the comments. i absolutely ADORE connecting with all of my readers through this blog and am grateful to every one of you.

to quickly catch you up on all things angel, here are some abbreviated updates on life around here!

  • i have been keeping busy with weddings this summer and will soon have some amazing images to share from events at casa del mar, smog shoppe, and la venta inn, among other fantastic venues. 🙂
  • my asSIStant, anna, completed her first wedding without me in june! she has another one scheduled in september and will soon be available through L&S as a lead coordinator. so exciting! many more details to follow.
  • erik and i took a much-needed vacation earlier this month: a 7-day mexican riviera cruise. we stopped in puerto vallarta, mazatlan and cabo san lucas (my personal favorite). it was a splendid time of sun bathing, mini-golfing and snorkeling. hope to share a few photos with you soon, too! i got a pretty crazy tan (for me, anyway) and am currently darker than i have ever been (which is still not that dark. haha). i LOVE it and wish i could maintain the bronzed look year-round!
  • i was hit by a drunk driver on the way home from a wedding (also earlier this month). yep… unfortunately i’m serious! i am so thankful to the Lord to be safe (along with Anna, who was my passenger) but things have been rough as i await the repair of my car (estimated at over $6k – covered by the drunk driver’s insurance – and will take a month) and resolution of the situation. that was one bit of excitement i did NOT need in my life! haha but again, it was a blessing to go through that with very little injury.

i think that’s a good summary for now! 🙂 to top this mini-post off, here’s a fun pic from an EPIC kickball birthday party i attended last week in honor of the one, the only, my dear friend jessica claire.

serious team photo! i’m in the front row… but can you spy jeff & michael norwood, candice brooke, doug and chenin boutwell, lauren hillary, jd (jasmine‘s hubby!) and the bday girl herself in this photo?  thanks to jasmine for this photo!  xo

you can see lots of photos here and here, although i am grateful there are no action shots of me to be found. truth be told, i don’t see a lot of kickball action. i know… hard to believe, right? LOL

keep your eyes peeled for that mega wedding post later today! see you again soon! xoxo, angel



  1. Yikes, Angel. I am so glad to hear that you and Anna are okay, but I’m so sorry to hear about the accident. A big hug for you both.

  2. OMG re your accident! I’m so glad you’re ok! Big boo on all the damage to your car, though! 😦

  3. missed you mucho! sorry about your accident, but i’m so glad you guys are ok. Los Angeles is full of nutso drivers- so frustrating!

  4. ack! so glad that you and anna came out of the accident safely.

    congrats to you and anna on her success coordinating her own weddings!

  5. Welcome back to the blogging. So glad that you and Anna are okay. Ugh, I hate careless drivers (as you well know).

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