Posted by: loveandsplendor | October 28, 2009

meet anna – again :)

hello dear readers!!  i still have one fabulous post remaining from my jessica & jeff series, so hold tight for that soon!  🙂  in the meanwhile, i wanted to share some exciting love & splendor news with all of you!

most of you already know my younger sister (aka asSIStant), anna.  some of you have met her in person and have already heard her unashamedly enthusiastic laugh, seen her show-stopping smile, and envied her ridiculous collection of handbags. others of you may have read about her when i did a little game of 20 questions with her on my blog.  for all of you, and everyone in between, i want to reacquaint you with anna.  get to know her, because you’ll be seeing a lot more of her around here. 🙂

after working by my side for over 4 years, anna is absolutely ready to begin a new chapter here at L&S.  effective immediately, anna is now available as a *lead coordinator* for my darling package clients.  although i will still be handling a few darling packages each year (and of course will be managing all of my current clients!), i will begin transitioning into handling lovely & splendid packages exclusively. this year anna was able to branch out and do two weddings without me (one in june and one in september — both of which were FABULOUS affairs and the brides could not have raved any more about her…).  it began innocently enough, when we met a client we looooved but who had  wedding date during my annual vacation.  we offered her the opportunity to meet anna and work with her for her big day, and she was sold! we did the same thing a few months later and both clients were a perfect fit for anna. after hearing such wonderful feedback from those two brides (not to mention the raves from the vendors who worked alongside anna for those two events) i knew my gut feeling had been confirmed: she was ready to fly!

anna is already booked for a handful of weddings in 2010 and i cannot wait to see her grow & flourish on her own.  note that she will still be my #1 assistant anytime she isn’t handling her own wedding.  we love  working together too much to forsake that altogether!  😉

anna and i have a lot of great things in common: attention to detail, self-motivated drive, a passion for all things fabulous… but i’m thrilled for you to also get to know what makes anna unique.  she’s sassy, has a bold sense of style and isn’t afraid to speak her mind.  many people say we’re like night and day.  i invite you to get to know her and see for yourself.  🙂

when i started L&S back in 2005, i never imagined that my endeavor would blossom into what it is today.  i know it is all by God’s grace that i have come this far and i am truly eager to see what the future holds!  that said, i am 100% more confident about that future with anna coming into her own, so to speak, and opening up the door to new possibilities for L&S.  i know you will fall in love with her when you meet her!

and now for a glimpse at the doll that is my baby sis, here are some gorgeous snaps captured by the one & only jasmine star.  we both love jasmine to.the.moon! and i have to say, these photos truly embody the spirit of my spunky sis!  (you can see more on jasmine’s blog!)

anna, in an outfit i adore.  ray ban aviators, ann taylor top and sweater, burberry scarf, j. crew skirt, bcbg heels.  bracelets are from j. crew and BR.

we both LOVE coffee.  anna’s order at starbucks?  chai with one shot of espresso.

the one on the left is my hands-down favorite.  it completely captures anna’s spirit.

beautiful!!  i’m no pro but i did her makeup.  it’s pretty easy beautifying someone this naturally stunning.

outfit number 2: banana republic dress and marc by marc jacobs heels.

you can’t really see in these pics, but anna has the most perfectly, blindingly white teeth you have ever seen.  it’s one of the first things people comment about when they meet her.  🙂

most people say we look very different.  i think that’s common in hapas — we all sort of get a unique blend.  do you see any family resemblance?

if you are interested in working with anna for your special event, please contact me for more details!

have a fabulous wednesday!

xoxo, angel



  1. aww. i love you sister pie! i am SO excited for 2010! we truly have the most beautiful couples as clients. LOVE it!!

  2. ps. my bucks drink is on a rotation. chai with a shot of espresso, skinny vanilla latte no foam, iced caramel mach, or my holiday fave!! a hot peppermint mocha with only 1/2 the mocha..and dare i say, whip cream? 🙂

  3. Love you ladies! 🙂

  4. hooray! super cute photos and so great seeing how love and splendor is growing. anna is so awesome, fun, and stylish. loved having her (and you) as my coordinators 🙂

  5. Congrats! This is going to be so much fun for both of you!

  6. you guys are so cute! if i could get married again, i would have hired you guys in a heart beat… i love this blog!!

  7. How wonderful! So happy for you both! I don’t think you guys look alike at all, but you certainly are both gorgeous! 🙂

  8. Looking forward to meeting her! 🙂 xo

  9. Anna looking sassy!!! Work it, work it, girl! It was so nice meeting you girls the other day. Will Anna be starting a blog of her own soon? xo

  10. xoxo to everyone for their sweet words!! 🙂 angela — anna will be posting some guest blogs here from time to time. xoxo

  11. i am SO happy that my claim to fame is having been anna’s very first lead wedding! You two are simply the best and anna is def ready to rock her own weddings! and this shoot could not be any hotter! anna’s smile is simply contagious!!!

  12. Congratulations, Anna!! You two seem to make a killer team, and I can’t wait to see more fabulous-ness to come! I wish I could be a part of it! Good luck! ❤

  13. Awww such a sweet post! Keep up the great work ladies =) Killer pics Anna *wink*

  14. Anna is so adorable! She is going to be an amazing look fab as always Anna!

  15. that is fabulous…congrats to anna! i am so in love with these pics, she is absolutely adorable and stylish!

  16. […] was lucky to cross paths with Angel and Anna with Events of Love and Splendor again and it’s always a pleasure to work with […]

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