Posted by: loveandsplendor | December 5, 2009

thanksgiving 2009, in photos

i had a marvelous thanksgiving holiday last week and hope you did, too!  instead of doing a play by play, i thought i’d just share some delicious photos from the two feasts we attended on thursday.  we celebrated earlier last week with two additional celebrations: one with my daddy and one with church friends (62 people!!).  lots of love, lots of FOOD!

on thanksgiving day we did brunch at my mom & raj’s home and supper at erik’s parents’ home…

snacking in the kitchen @ mommy’s house, pre-brunch: homemade gyoza, rice chips with her guacamole (the best, hands down) and fresh fruit.

mom knew we were doing traditional thanksgiving supper with erik’s family, so she opted for a non-traditional meal of family favorites.  🙂

haricots verts, green & white asparagus, toasted pine nuts and fresh parmesan

red and yellow grape tomatoes, cheese and fresh basil

wild rice pilaf

nearly everyone’s favorite du jour: baked mac & cheese (fontina & gouda) with cauliflower.  so scrumptious!

garlicky shrimp

mom’s deeeelicious samosas.

the spread…  including mom’s from-scratch beef stew and filet mignon.

my plate.  🙂  the thing that looks like cornbread next to my steak?  lightly crusted halibut.  mmm!

it’s no wonder i inherited my love of cooking (and food in general!) from my mother.  🙂

the view from their home, high in the hills.  beyond all those buildings?  the ocean.  yepp…

after a one hour nap at home 🙂 we headed to feast #2 at erik’s parents’ home.  i didn’t take nearly as many photos… probably because we began eating shortly after we arrived!  the crowd was also larger here (13? 15?) and we were distracted by our two nephews… arguably two of the cutest boys around.  😉

my mouth waters at this photo!!  every year at thanksgiving, erik’s aunt frances makes these incredible twice-baked stuffed potatoes.  they are incredibly decadent and delicious.  i would ask for the recipe, but they are SO GOOD that keeping them a once-a-year treat makes it seem more special.  that and i don’t think my body would forgive me if i ate these three times a week.  🙂

erik’s eldest sister, b, made the scrumptious sweet potatoes topped with these perfectly golden brown marshmallows.  doesn’t it look heavenly??  there were little bits of pineapple in the mashed sweet potatoes… sooo yummy!  i love all things pineapple.

we re-used these precious placecard holders (kits from paper-source) from last year.  aren’t they adorable??

erik’s parents have a pretty sweet view of their own…


coming soon: a glimpse at my holiday home décor and lots of fall weddings still left to share!

enjoy your weekend!!

xoxo, angel



  1. every time i look at bridge’s candied yams, i smile. 🙂
    thanksgiving is one of my fave holidays. it’s easy to see why in those pictures!!


  2. Nice post and pics! 🙂 Love the photos of all the YUMMY food! And thanks for saying such nice things about my yams (hubby’s mom’s recipe) and the boys!

    be well in 2010!

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