Posted by: loveandsplendor | December 31, 2009

adieu to 2009

new year’s eve!! i am speechless to find myself here again. 🙂 2009 has been a beautiful, soul-stretching, heart-wrenching, eye-opening, joy-bringing, memory-making year. i find that every year around this time i get extra nostalgic (more than usual — lol) looking back at the wonderful times in my life, as well as gaining perspective on the future.  every step and mis-step we take offers us two things: a reminder and a lesson.  i want to hold on to both of those things and make sure my next steps are taken confidently and wisely.  let’s seek to remember our blessings, revel in our memories and heed our lessons.  🙂

i hope that wherever you are tonight, that you would ring in 2010 with a sense of hope, anticipation and optimism.  although everyday offers a chance to start over, there is truly something unique about kicking off a new year.  and i don’t just mean a cute new planner to carry around and  a new year to write on contracts.  🙂  it’s an opportunity for a blank slate and fresh beginning.

i am reminded tonight of how lucky i am to be where i am, do what i do, love whom i love.  i’m looking forward to making 2010 my best year yet.

happy new year, readers!  thank you a thousand times for your continued love & support!  there are so many fabulous things in store… it is my delight to share them with you!

{with promise & excitement for what’s ahead}

smiling at the future,

angel — xoxo

somewhere over the pacific, july 2009



  1. Happy new year Angel!

  2. happy new year angel! this year is going to be amazing!! lots of love from me, brian and izzy~ 🙂

  3. happy new year angel!! God bless you even more abundantly this year!

  4. happy new year angel! so glad to have you and anna as part of my 2009 🙂

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