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the styleLab all-stars {vendors}

happy february, dear readers!  by now you’ve seen the gorgeous photos of the styeLab i posted here, seen the Wedding Chicks post here, and read fab photographer Chenin‘s take here… right?  🙂  well now that you’re all caught up, i thought it was time to give you a closer look at all of the incredible artists, designers, suppliers and vendors who made the quirky, whimsical, altogether delightful set-up possible!  a million thanks to Chenin for giving me this opportunity to work on such a fun project, and for shooting these stunning images… against all odds!  love you chenin!  xo

kristin was my “lab partner” (yeah, i had to go there… haha) on this project and i was so blessed to have her as my creative counterpart.  we had an incredible time dreaming up the tablescape over Mexican food (yum yum!) and kristin’s resultant floral proposal blew my mind.  the main thing i told her was that i wanted every flower to be a unique, specimen-quality stem that had something interesting about it.  no boring, typical, easily-identifiable florals allowed.  😉  her shopping list ended up including things like craspedia, yellow gloriosa lilies, eremerus, oncidium orchids, scabiosia, ixia, and various succulents.  now be honest — how many of those did you have to google?  😉  the goal was to highlight the most beautiful and odd florals possible, to give the tablescape a lab-like feel.  what crazy plants and flowers would botanist liam elliot have in his cluttered office?  as you saw in the sneak peek photos, the florals were gathered in glass erlenmeyer flasks, graduated cylinders and beakers.  we also used specimen jars, test tubes and planted orchids under bell jars. just days before the styleLab, kris has the brilliant idea to use mini test tubes for the bouts.  she ran with the idea and the tiny tubes were one of my favorite details of the day.  xoxo to kris for never batting an eye at my (admittedly) crazy ideas and helping me embrace my inner nerd with this playful set-up!

i cannot thank cynthia et al at classic party rentals enough.  🙂  they came through for me 100% with the rough hewn wooden tables, perfectly woodsy-feeling flatware (‘sequoia’), beaker-esque glassware (‘calvin’) and the ideal colored napkins (‘citron’ dupioni).  classic is the tried & true source for rentals here in SoCal, and all across the country.  you just can’t beat their inventory, network of locations and service.  i love working with them and am grateful for their collaboration on this project!

baker came through for me after an original source decided to bow out the day before the styleLab (due to the inclement weather…).  although the chairs baker carries are not the genuine kartell ghost chairs, they are a pretty close knockoff and are very well-priced.  a thousand thanks to them for being such a pleasure to work with, especially on such short notice!

rachelle is a genius!!  i loved working with her on all of the printed pieces for our set-up.  i sent her my inspiration blurb and some keywords, and she put together the most incredible suite of options for me.  she just “got” my vision right away!  i loved that she was willing to go outside the box and create something truly unique for our look.  her interpretation was stylish, colorful, and quirky… exactly what we were looking for!  from font selection to artwork to layout and colors, she was spot on every.single.time.  she also didn’t balk at me when i sent her the exact text for the invitation, menu, and a list of 40 fictional “guests” for the escort cards.  in fact, she loved it.  her gorgeous work really brought our tablescape together and i thank her from the bottom of my heart for her stunning work.  i can’t wait to collaborate with her again soon!

amy of VBS is a dear friend and i never pass up the opportunity to work with her.  my clients looove her incredibly tasty cakes, cupcakes, and mini desserts for their weddings, too!  amy worked on the lovely butterfly-adorned cake for us and i thought it was perfect for our set-up.  the striped green & white ribbon was such a darling, slightly-preppy touch, too.  she also put together a few dozen cupcake babies (topped with the most delicate fondant butterflies!!), but they were ruined by sideways-pouring rain.  😦  you’ll have to take my word for it when i tell you they were simply adorable!! i won’t lie… i also had a few of her meyer lemon raspberry cupcake babies on the way over that AM and they were as scrumptious as always.  amy is still my very favorite spot for desserts in soCal; they’re a must-try if you’re ever in santa monica!!

  • Dinner Plates: Butterfly Study Plates by Anthropologie
  • Cocktail Napkins (not pictured): Stag Beetle napkins by Flock Home
  • Vintage Botanical Book Plates: all over 114 years old, from Petit Poulailler

whew!!  I think that wraps up all the vendors that sourced items for our fabulous set-up.  just a reminder, the other vendors on board that day were…

hair & makeup: vivian tran of all made up

venue: arroyo trabuco golf club

dress: joan shum

i hope these colorful images lend you some sunshine on this brisk february day!  many more delicious posts in store soon, including our first wedding of 2010 (which seriously set the tone for an INCREDIBLE year!).  xoxo, angel



  1. Angel, thank you so much for all the thought and hard work you put into the Style Lab. Every single detail was completely wonderful. I had so much fun photographing all the quirky, beautiful elements of your tablescape. Fantastic Job!

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  4. love all the lab ware and unique blooms. reminds me of what d’arcy thompson’s lab may have looked like when he was producing his amazing drawings.

  5. er, i meant albertus seba. 😉

  6. ack! i meant ernst haeckel. getting all my pseudo-biologists, illustrators mixed up. feel free to combine my comment spamming into one when moderating. 😉

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