Posted by: loveandsplendor | February 15, 2010

holly & ryan – stylishly betrothed

hello everyone!  i hope you are having a marvelous monday.  🙂  there are some very exciting things going on here at love and splendor and i can’t wait to share them with you soon!!  in the meanwhile, i thought i’d do something today that i rarely do: post an engagement shoot of one of my couples!  i typically do not post engagement pictures on my blog (as gorgeous and fabulous as my clients are!) as i do not have anything to do with the styling, photography or production of those images.  in other words, i don’t have anything to do with the photos except a relationship with who is in them.  😉  that said, i wanted to feature this incredible engagement shoot here because it is so unique and inspiring.  and you may just see a few more similarly unique e-shoots here once in a while..

i’m delighted to introduce you to this very special couple, holly & ryan!  they are two of my dear clients and it was love at first meeting.  i have mentioned before that it is so important to me to sense an instant connection and rapport with a potential client. with holly and ryan, it was effortless.  their style, aesthetic, and personalities are perfectly in sync with my own.  and just a few glances at the photos below should tell you how amazing their wedding is going to be.  holly & ryan, being ultra fabulous and exceedingly creative, came up with the concept and styling for this shoot.  i have the best (i.e. most stylish, creative, inventive, whimsical, bold, sweet, thoughtful, etc. etc.) clients in the world and cannot wait to collaborate with them on their wedding! look forward to glimpses at their sure-to-be spectacular event this summer…

in the meanwhile, i have to thank their brilliant photographer, braedon, for these stunning, fashion-forward images.  they could easily find their way into an editorial spread in W magazine, don’t you think?  his work is so refreshing and i love that he was willing to do something totally original with holly & ryan.  an extra special thank you to braedon for also sending holly & ryan my way!  i was so touched when holly told me that braedon had said, “if i were to get married again, i would hire angel in a heartbeat.”  to have the support and confidence of my peers is priceless.  more than that, braedon was able to connect with me with holly & ryan — a couple that is PERFECTLY matched with love and splendor in every way.  it was a fantasy case of vendor referral <3.  love love love!!  just writing about this all is making me smile.  🙂

now onto the images!  🙂  i hope this inspiring set of photos makes you smile today! (and yes, i know it goes without saying… but are holly and ryan two of the most gorgeous people you’ve ever laid eyes on or what????)

holly & ryan — thank you for inspiring me with your creativity, passion, and love for one another.  working with people like you energizes me, motivates me, and delights me.  i can’t wait to see how your amazing wedding vision unfolds on the big day!!  see you two soon ❤  xoxo

enjoy your day, everyone!



  1. HELLO magazine spread! WOW! They could be models. That shoot is simply fabulous!

  2. Love this! 🙂 Love YOU!!

  3. umm, YES! they are two of the best looking people i’ve ever seen. ever!
    cannot wait to meet them!!

    ps. L.O.V.E. braedon!!

  4. angel, this is beautiful. thank you for sharing this couple, the photos are so inspiring! hope you are doing well 🙂

  5. so gorgeous, angel. yes, it totally reminds me of an editorial one would find in w! love!

  6. can i raid her closet? they are perfect L & S clients- stylish and fabulous!

  7. Oh my goodness, these photos are so inspirational! I love the styling so, so much. What a chic way to kick off their new life.

  8. angel, what you wrote about ryan and i brought tears to my eyes. we are so blessed to have you planning our wedding. you are a gift from heaven and i truly believe that you are a PERFECT match for us. i couldn’t be more excited!!!!!

  9. […] inspiring engagement sessions may become a semi-recurring feature here!  🙂  As I mentioned in the last engagement session I posted, I have never been one to consistently feature e-sessions on my blog, and I still do not have plans […]

  10. amazing set of photos. everything is on point.

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