Posted by: loveandsplendor | February 24, 2010

fab finds for february 2010

Hello everyone!  Lately I have discovered some absolutely wonderful new products and favorites, so I thought I’d share another installment of fab finds.  😉 Here are a few things I have been LOVING this February…

1) MAC lipstick in ‘Lickable’ + MAC lipglass in ‘Hush Hush Rose’

Let’s ignore the obnoxious name of the lipstick, shall we?  The combination of this creamy, hot pink lipstick and shimmering fuschia gloss is absolutely addictive.  I have never been much of a lipstick lover, typically being drawn to juicy glosses and glazes (à la Stila’s lipglaze in grapefruit — my fave) instead. But this duo may have swayed me forever.  😉  Perfect for fresh, youthful, springtime pouts!  I think they would look stunning on a bolder bride, as well, if you’re not afraid of bright lips!

2) Clutches by AO3 designs

My sweet sister-in-law, Meg, bought me an AO3 clutch for Christmas and I adoooore it!  These handmade clutches (sold on etsy HERE and online HERE) come in an array of fabrics, shapes, sizes and styles.  Mine (seen above) is a bright and cheery everyday clutch, covered in vintage yellow floral fabric and adorned with a turquoise grosgrain ribbon.  I love the pop of sunshine it adds to any outfit, and it is the ideal size for running errands or going out for dinner.  I think these clutches would be darling gifts for your bridesmaids (or moms, sisters, girlfriends, etc.), too!  Pick a unique one for each girl, customized for her taste, and fill it with her favorite lipstick and a pair of earrings.  Perfect!

3) Fobots

from left to right: queen elizabeth, robozo, and jacob

My fascination with these quirky, one-of-a-kind, found-object robots (hence, fobots) borders on obsession.  Since stumbling upon them in an Anthropologie catalog last fall, I have been stalking Amy Flynn’s creations like mad.  Each unique character is fashioned from a number of vintage baubles and have a whimsical personality that is simply irresistible.  If I had the budget, I would scoop up a troupe of these figures and display them on a long shelf in my office.  I’m planning to adopt one soon, and will let you know if and when one makes its way to my office.  😉

4) MAC nail lacquer in “Gee Whiz”

I loooove painting my nails — this is a well-known fact to anyone who has read my blog.  (My last installment of fab finds made mention of the fabulous polishes by Rescue Beauty Lounge that I have come to adore.)  So, I am often on the hunt for new colors to add to my already-ridiculous arsenal.  You know how guests are always peering into medicine cabinets on TV shows and in movies?  I have never done that in real life — have any of you??  LOL  Anyway, if someone were to look into mine, they’d just find row after row of nail polish.  🙂  My latest acquisition is this fabulous color: a perfect fuschia-red.  It applies like a dream, has a slick shine, and alternates between looking like a brazen red and sassy hot pink depending on the lighting.  I adore it and am having a hard time not wearing it again this week (as I like to switch my polish color once a week…).  😉

*Although a part of me feels like I HAVE to have one more item to make this a nice, odd-numbered, 5-item list, I am going to end it here!  I would say we’ve definitely met the fabulousity quota.  🙂  I would love to know what YOUR fab find was for February; let me know what I can add to this list! Hope you all are having a marvelous week!

xoxo, Angel



  1. oohh.. MAC lipsticks/lipglosses are so awesome. Have you tried the one from the latest release? it’s a lipglass called cha cha– it’s a pretty pinky/peachy color. It looks really good over the MAC viva glam cyndi lipstick! (btw– did you check out tarina tarantino makeup line at sephora?)

    • hi sally! yes — chacha is on my want-list. 😉 i didn’t see the TT line at sephora, but guess what i’ll be checking out this weekend? xo

  2. You just led me to the PERFECT birthday gift for my best friend!! I am totally getting her one of those clutches. She’ll love it! Thank you!!!

    Also, I want to see that lipstick/gloss combo on you – sounds awesome!

    • aw so glad to help! i loove love mine. 🙂 will try to oblige with a pic of the lip product combo; i wore it out last night!

  3. i love those clutches, they are so spring time. have you heard about the tarina tarantino make up line?? it’s at sephora and the gem gloss comes in colors that are so you 🙂

  4. adore those clutches! (furthering my etsy obsession) i may need to pick one of those up right now!

  5. i’m still loving nars’ velvet matte lip pencils for another girl who’s just getting into real color on her lips. cruella, my fave i blogged about awhile ago, is still my favorite/fab find months later.

    and love that mac lipstick–tried a friend’s for a day and felt so empowered/fun wearing it.

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