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Fab Finds for June 2010

Hello everyone!  I hope you had a splendid weekend.  It’s official — summer has arrived!  I am absolutely loving the 80+ temps here in southern California and last weekend’s weddings (yep, two of them!) were made especially gorgeous with the presence of that quintessential California sunshine.  We had a wedding last Sunday that was right on the water in Malibu and the sunset was just sublime…

Here at Love and Splendor we’ve just wrapped up the most concentrated part of our season — eight (8!!) weddings in just seven weeks!  Can you believe it?  I think I kept telling people 8 weddings in 9 weeks, but when I double-checked my calendar I realized it was actually 8 in 7 weeks.  Just writing that down blows my mind all over again.  WOW!!  I have to give a shout out here to my amaaaaaazing sister, Anna, and utterly fabulous assistant Michelle (who may as well be our 3rd sister — we love her so much!! xox M!) without whom I could not do what I do!  Very grateful to have the support of two such intelligent & talented ladies!

Now without further ado, I wanted to share a new installment of fab finds… just in time for the summer!  Here are the things I’ve been loving lately~  As always, make sure you share your favorite finds with me in the comments!

1. Kate Spade Wellesley Neda Wallet in Robin’s Egg Blue

I have to thank my incredibly sweet (and generous!) clients, A&D, for this one.  They gifted me with this darling wallet the day before their wedding and I immediately transferred all my things into it.  How did they know I needed a new wallet??  Perhaps they had seen my (cute but tired) yellow Cole Haan wallet and got the hint?  😉  I love everything about this wallet — the size, the zip-around closure, the abundance of card slots and the too-adorable-for-words polka dot lining!  The color is gorgeous and not perfectly depicted in the photo above — it is more of a sea foam green/blue, which happens to be one of my favorite colors!  Thanks again to A&D for the perfect gift… I think of you two everytime I reach for it!!

2. Smith’s Rosebud Salve in a Tube

I’ve adored Smith’s rosebud salve for years in it’s “traditional” form — a cute little tin pot.  The problem is I have this (totally rational) issue with sticking my finger into pots of lip gloss or salve…  It grosses me out to no end.  When I discovered one of my favorite products, now in tube form, I was elated!!  This super-smooth balm has the subtle scent of roses and is the perfect lip gloss.  I use it every single day and will definitely be stocking up on more.  It can be found at many stores and boutiques; I pick mine up at Anthropologie.

3. Band of Horses

Band of Horses is a group I’ve loved for years and years, but the release of their latest album (Infinite Arms) has only rekindled my love for them.  I find myself listening to their tunes, new and old, on repeat  My favorite tracks from the new album include “Blue Beard,” “On My Way Back Home” and “For Annabelle.”  If you’re in the mood for some of their older stuff, check out, “No One’s Gonna Love You” and “The Funeral.”  Their sound is soothing and heartbreaking at the same time. If you know me, that is the recipe for my favorite music.  🙂  As always, the lyrics are what take me over the edge.

**Bonus fab finds: Other music I can’t get enough of these days: Broken Bells, Rosi Golan and Jónsi — a solo project from the lead vocalist of Sigur Ros (another fave group).

4. MAC Nail Lacquer “In The Buff”

I’m into interesting nail colors and this new shade, gifted to me by a client, is my new favorite!  I can’t get enough of this moody, grungy green crossed with taupe.  It’s like a split avocado that’s been left on the counter too long…  😉  I have received lots of comments (not necessarily compliments… but you know I don’t mind that!) about it and it is definitely an odd and intriguing shade.  I mixed it up last week using it as my “accent color” on two of my nails… the rest were hot pink.  I am still not over painting my nails different colors.  Tonight I’m re-doing my nails and will probably paint them all in this color.  In general I have to say I’m loving MAC nail polishes — this is my 2nd one and the quality is fantastic… better than OPI and very close to RBL!

5. Milkmaid braids

The lovely Miranda Kerr in a comfy chic outfit and sweet milkmaid braids!

If you’ve seen me in the past few weeks, you’ve probably seen me with this hairstyle. I’ve even worn it at a wedding or two!  The summertime heat is making it harder to wear my long hair down, so I love putting my hair into long plaits and pinning them up on my head for a look that’s positively Amish.  😉  It’s such an easy style that’s fun to wear.

That’s it for now!!  I can’t wait to hear about your fab finds this summer.  Fill me in on what’s been delighting you these days!

I have a wonderful week ahead, chock full of meetings and site visits.  The summer wedding season is going to be incredible…  Enjoy your week!

xoxo, Angel



  1. I have the SAME (rational) problem with sticking my finger into pots of lip balm- germs much!? Thanks for letting me know they now have it in a tube. I use the Rosebud Strawberry, so hopefully I’ll be able to find that in the tube.

    • i looove rosebud strawberry, too, but haven’t seen it in a tube. if i find it, i’ll let you know!

  2. i LOVE the wallet A&D gifted you with! a couple with such style only translates into such a beautiful find! and now that i know smith’s comes in a tube – you’ve just made my day! woo hoo! xoxo

  3. love your fab finds~~! 🙂 lately i’ve been into coral lippies and blush… MAC had some in their recent to the beach collection. there was also a beautiful teal eyeliner… really makes brown eyes pop! good luck with all the weddings this season! can’t wait to see all your gorgeous pics!! 😀

  4. I am very interested in that Rosebud in a tube! If you haven’t already, you should get The Temper Trap album, too!

    • you have to snag some!! better yet — i can bring you a tube on a lunch date? 🙂 looove the temper trap!!!

  5. i’m utterly in love with the wallet! hahaha you had that hair style at my wedding yay!

    • i love the wallet, too! yep — i have our photobooth pics up on my inspiration board (right above my desk)! i took my hair down at the end of the night — LOL. miss you!!!

  6. I am jealous of that wallet- love it!

    I cannot get enough of Band of Horses & jonsi either 🙂 We put Jonsi on (especially the first track) and Isaiah dances around the house like crazy!

    • awww isaiah has excellent taste! 🙂 hope to see your smiling face soon! xo

  7. I love the playlist! If you like Broken Bells, you’ll LOVE Morning Benders. I can’t stop listening to their new CD – I highly recommend it!

  8. not kidding, JUST last weekend i was telling my mum that i wish that smith’s rosebud salve came in tubes since i have the same problem w sticking my fingers into pots of lip balm too~ thanks for letting me know they actually exist! yay!

  9. I love your posts… It’s so obvious why people love you. I don’t think very many could resist your charm!

    I love weird nail colors too! (Yes, even the ones where people ask me “What’s wrong with your nails?”) Perhaps it is because I have yet to find a “classic” color that satisfies me.

    I’m not a lip balm girl…. but Carmex in a tube is something I got happy about. It’s definitely not as stylish (or yummy smelling) as smith’s but for certain things, it is magic. My mister swears by it for preventing cold sores from surfacing. He had a jar in every glove compartment and desk drawer… and I was more than happy to replace all of them with the more sanitary tube version!

  10. I love the wallet that you were gifted. And that shade of blue is just so beautiful.

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