Posted by: loveandsplendor | June 30, 2010

happy birthday to michelle!

**NOTE: Ahh!  This post is going up just past midnight, so it is a day late.  Michelle’s birthday is June 29th; make sure to share your belated birthday wishes with her below!!

I hope all of my readers will indulge me today for a personal post made public.  🙂 Today is a very special day!  It’s the birthday of Michelle… the newest addition to the {love and splendor} team and a lady that has quickly become a cherished friend.

You all can click back to the original post when I introduced Michelle to our blog readers, sharing the story about how she came into my life and became a valuable part of my business.  Now, halfway through 2010 (crazy!!) and having worked many a wedding alongside her, I can tell you that Michelle has exceeded every expectation I had for her! Michelle is such an efficient, dedicated, and talented coordinator.  She is quick on her feet and sharp-witted, and performs every task with cheerfulness.  When we had a gelato fiasco at a recent wedding (a vendor’s car troubles made it impossible for them to get to the event), she instantly volunteered to step in by running down to our nearest Whole Foods, buying dozens of pints of gelato and setting up our own makeshift gelato station in time for guests to enjoy it.   She does all of this while effortlessly extending {love and splendor}’s signature style of service — she’s charming, gracious, and ultra-sensitive to the needs of our clients, guests and vendors alike.  She has genuinely added to my productivity and joy at every wedding we do together.

But more important than her work ethic, more valuable to me than her endless talent, is the special friendship we have forged over the past few months.  Michelle has become a treasured part of my life and I am SO grateful for her as a friend.  We have so much fun together and our interactions are so easy and natural… she is a true gem!

Michelle — you are such a gift in my life.  Your friendship and partnership in {love and splendor} has been a true blessing these past few months and I am so excited for what’s ahead for us.  Thank you for all of your sweetness to me and for reminding me week in and week out that I am the luckiest girl in the world with the best team on the planet.  ❤

I hope your birthday was filled with joy — I cannot wait to celebrate with you in just a few days.  May this year be your best yet!  Love you mucho, chica!!

the three of us, being goofy in the photobooth at a wedding last month!

xoxo, Angel

P.S. LOTS of blog posts in the queue and I am finally ready to churn them out!  Get ready for a deluge of posts in the coming days.  🙂  I am looking forward to really changing the way I write and update this blog; thank you for all of your support!!  xo



  1. woot woot!! happy birthday michelle! i left you a message yesterday. hmm…
    well, see you friday!! 🙂

  2. my ladies!! angel and anna!! the saying that everything happens for a reason could not be more accurate in how i feel for the two of you entering my life. angel, thank you for the sweetest birthday message ever. your words of love will forever ring in my heart. i have been blessed to not only work with you, but to forge a very special friendship, as well. anna, a special shout out to you, too, for being an extra ray of sunshine at every wedding. na nah nah na, nah na na, nah nah nah na, nah, nah!! you two are both angels to me – even if only one of you is named angel!! i heart you both. XOXOXOXOXO

  3. that is such a gorgeous yellow top/dress. Where is it from?!

    • hello meg! the yellow top anna is wearing is by daisy from f21. not sure if daisy is an in-house brand or can be found elsewhere, but the top was from over a year ago. xo

  4. happy belated birthday michelle! what a delight to have her on your team!

  5. happy belated to Michelle! i absolutely ADORE this photobooth picture of you 3!

  6. what happened to your faces guys? LOL

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