Posted by: loveandsplendor | July 13, 2010

from the weekend – rainstorms in July :)

Hello everyone!  I had an incredible weekend with two very special events: an intimate and sweet wedding on Saturday and an exciting final meeting on Sunday for a wedding later this month.  It was a very action-packed weekend and I’m still recovering from all the fun and excitement, gearing up for another fabulous wedding this weekend.  🙂

As most of my friends in the wedding industry know (and experienced along with me), we had some surprise sprinkles on Saturday.  All Saturday morning and afternoon, Anna and I were setting up in the 85+ degree temps and marveling over the bright azure skies.  Seriously, the skies were incredible!!  It was warm, clear, and picture-perfect for a wedding day.  Fast-forward to about 5:30p, and we get some sprinkles… When the first drop fell out of the sky, the caterer looked over at me with that, “Was that what I think it was?” glance.  After the ninth or tenth distinctive droplet, we knew it was indeed a summer shower.  In that moment, there were a number of things that could have happened.  I could have freaked out.  I could have started crying.  I could have run into the house where my bride was getting ready and un-necessarilly freaked her out.  But as you can already guess, I did none of those things.  First things first — Anna and I quickly swept over the dining area (all outdoors) and flipped over the napkins, protecting the menus from the rain (and potential ink bleeding).  I then got on my phone, checked some local weather and hour-by-hour forecasts.  All pointed to a clear evening — it was merely a passing shower.  It lasted about 3-4 minutes, and at one point it was crossed the line from sprinkles to rain.  But you know what?  I never freaked out.  When the sweet mother-of-the-bride (one of my favorites, ever!) came over to ask me what we would do, I assured her that it would be a passing storm.  When Anna gave me the raised eyebrows when the rain really started coming down, I smiled back.  We just got to work handling the situation.  Once the rain passed, we wiped down tables (and kept the menus flipped over until dinner time, thankfully!  We did have another passing sprinkle.) and went on with the set-up. We had kept the cakes (five of them!!) inside earlier that day (because of the heat, not the rain!) and brought them out at the last minute.  The rest of the evening was flawless.  As a little divine bonus, we had a brilliant rainbow during the ceremony! Some guests jokingly asked me how I hooked that special surprise up.  😉

This little bit of wacky weather reminded me that a wedding planner and coordinator needs to possess some innate amount of calm and tranquility.  It was so important on Saturday (and on other occasions in the past!) that I maintained a sense of calm, a sense of confidence, a sense of control.  Of course no one can control the weather and no one could have predicted the freak rain showers we experienced!  But I knew that if we really ended up in that situation (a situation I have been in, actually!  See this post and this one for the dramatic details and the triumphant result.) I would be able to handle it.  I had incredible vendors, my right-hand assistant, and most importantly, a cool and focused mindset. I have unfortunately been witness to the meltdowns of other vendors — vendors who cannot handle any situation that veers from their pefectly-laid plans.  Weddings are not immune to surprises.  🙂  In fact, they often attract them! But through years of experience honing in on my own intrinsic nature, I have been able to see many a wedding “surprise” and handle it with grace and calm. Ultimately, I know it is God’s grace in me that allows me to react in that way!

It is the greatest compliment when I hear fellow vendors, clients, and guests tell me that they can’t believe that I handled a situation with a smile, in a calm and collected manner.  To all my fellow coordinators, remember that they are watching us!!  🙂  We can set the tone for the rest of the vendors (and of course, either comfort or stress out our clients!), so react with care.  To all of the to-be brides out there, make sure that you gauge your potential coordinator’s personality when you interview them.  Do you think this person seems agitated and high-strung, or do they emanate a strong sense of confidence and peace?

Here are some photos of the incredible venue where Saturday’s wedding took place: Chateau Le Dome @ Saddlerock Ranch.  For those of you unfamiliar with Saddlerock, there are two wedding venues on-site — the larger “garden” setting, and this smaller “vineyard” setting.  I have worked numerous times at SR but always in the lower/garden setting.  This was my first CLD wedding @ SR and it was magical!  If you have a guest count under 100, this is a perfect option for you!

These photos were snapped on Friday evening pre-rehearsal.  Check out those skies!!

I can’t wait to share this wedding with you soon — Adi @ Next Exit Photography did an amaaaaazing job (per ususal) capturing all of the special details.

Enjoy your Tuesday evening, everyone!

xoxo, Angel



  1. Angel,

    You were and ARE AMAZING! Even with the curious weather 🙂 and rain I never felt stressed or concerned – and I am positive this is thanks to your professionalism and demeanor! The tone you set was confident and made me feel like… hey.. even if it was to downpour we would be OK!

    Both you and Anna were absolutely calm, cool (even though it was boiling earlier in the day!), and collected! Thank you for a seamless and GORGEOUS day! It was PERFECT!

    The weather (including rainbow during the ceremony) was surely a blessing! You are so good! 🙂


    • amanda — awww!!! i love the two of you!!! ❤ thank you for making me beam from ear to ear with your sweet comment. the day was utterly amazing; cannot wait to see how adi captured it all! talk to you when you're back from the honeymoon!! xoxo

  2. Passing shower? Rainstorm? That’s for amateurs. One of your (MANY) qualifications should read: “Remains awesome and unfazed during freakazoid hail storms.” 🙂

    • nari — one of the (MANY) reasons why i love you: you’re hilarious. i miss you much!!! i am in your ‘hood allll the time; we must grab lunch this month. daisy mint date?? xo

  3. Angel, I so enjoyed working with you. Amanda and David were such a pleasure as was Amanda’s Mum.
    When you work with such great people, it is not surprising everything comes together flawlessly.

    My only disappointment, is that I missed the rainbow.
    Cannot wait to see the pictures.

    • susan! your work was flawless in every way!! it was a joy working with you and i can’t wait to do it again soon! ❤ xo

  4. You are TOTALLY calm during weddings, which helps me stay calm when things don’t go exactly as planned. So many times you’ve encouraged me to keep going and solve whatever problems need to be solved rather than curl up on the floor and cry. Thank you for that!

    Also, after the Style Lab deluge, what’s a little passing shower? 🙂 You really should post that video btw.

    • love! my fellow night owl. 🙂 i actually watched our “storm watch” video today — how hilarious!! i don’t know if i can bear for it to be viewed on here, though. LOL thanks for your sweet words, dear! your work is always flawless, come rain or shine. ❤ see you soon! xoxo

  5. Angel, this is so true. I think it is because you are such a positive and joyful person, and so incredibly competent. Our wedding day was flawless. I felt calm and happy through the entire day! I did not feel stressed about a single thing, and I think it was because I knew that I could rely on you. I still enjoy reading your blog and am happy to see that your business is flourishing!

    • marie — you are sooo sweet! your wedding is easily an all-time favorite of mine! ❤ thank you for checking in here & there with your blog comments! let's get together next time you're 'home'. 🙂 xoxo

  6. Angel, this is great news for those of us brides who have you and Anna booked for an upcoming wedding! It will be so nice to know that I can 100% count on the L&S team on the day of my wedding. Love your blog! See you soon for our site visit!

    • adore you, sara! thank you for your sweet comment — can’t wait to see you, too!! xoxo

  7. hi. I’ve been a blog lurker for awhile, admiring your work from links from others in the wedding industry. My mom always told me it’s a Vietnamese superstition that a little rain/sprinkle on your wedding day is actually a blessing. Kudos to you for staying calm! 🙂

    • hi kim! thank you for coming out with a comment. 🙂 honored to have you as a reader! yep — we all agreed the little sprinkle was a sign of good fortune. the rest of the wedding was utterly flawless!

  8. These pictures are amazing. I can’t wait to send you my questionnaire and finally meet you for our wedding and CLD next year. After the Bar Exam of course! I’m so excited to be possibly working with you. I asked Beth at SR about you and she couldn’t give you any more positive reviews. Thanks for your patience with me and my sporadic emails!

    • hi charisse!! ❤ no worries — excited to chat again soon! blushing about the kind things beth said; i adore her so much! xo

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