Posted by: loveandsplendor | August 13, 2010

marissa & martyn – 7.18.10

marissa & martyn were such a special couple to me for many reasons…  among them is the fact that i planned/coordinated marissa’s brother’s wedding a few years back! gavin & kim are now expecting (twins!!!  amazing!!!) and it was such a joy seeing them at the wedding.  marissa has a playful, modern style and was such a dream to work with; i cannot imagine a more calm, joyful bride just ready to be married to her love!  martyn is from the UK so obviously i was smitten with his accent. he is also liverpool football club‘s biggest fan so there were fun soccer-related surprises for him that day.  the day was lovely from start to finish and it all went down at one of my soCal “sweet spots,” smog shoppe.  it’s one of the sites i know like the back of my hand, i’m on “the list,” me and the site manager are buddies… you know the drill. every wedding there is always uber hip but i love finding ways to keep it fresh.

enjoy the simply beautiful, utterly perfect images courtesy of my new pal, hugh forte. he is an incredible artist and an all-around great guy; working with him was such a pleasure and i can’t wait to do it again soon!!  (i will say that the fact that he said, “Angel Swanson puts together the raddest weddings you could hope to go to” in his blog post sorta won me over… haha JK hugh!!)

looove this one of the lovely bride…

another scrumptious bouquet by hollyflora ❤  love these ladies a lot lot.  it’s mutual.  🙂

marissa walked up the aisle to “you’ll never walk alone” – the anthem of the liverpool football club.  it was a surprise to martyn and his reaction was priceless.

i love this one…  gotta do a final check!  🙂

scrumptious mini desserts on the left, using melody’s vintage stands and some of my milkglass collection!


i’m sure i’ll be sharing more from this wedding (including the awesome surprise groom’s cake!!) down the line, but i had to send you off tonight with this teaser.  🙂

{vendor round up}

i hope you all have a MARVELOUS weekend, and i am looking forward to seeing lots of your faces on saturday @ the designer swap meet!  i am selling goodies like hanging mason jars, vintage chippy drawers, mini frames, a cathedral length mantilla veil, and candles galore…  come and get the goods from 10a-4p!  click here for all the info!



  1. So cool!

  2. I saw this place on HGTV when they had an outdoor rooms show where they attempted to show off how they made that wall of succulents! Very cool…and extremely different! Love it!

  3. such an adorable couple, and wonderful flowers! love the allium balls!

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