Posted by: loveandsplendor | September 13, 2010

anna turns 24 > happy birthday!

Happy Monday, everyone!!  I wanted to share a quick little post wishing my baby sister Anna a Happy Birthday and a blessed year ahead.  Today she turned 24 — crazy!!  We are as different as two sisters can be, but we share a very unique and tight-knit relationship.  I will always see her as my baby sister and I know sometimes I can be over-protective…  At the end of the day I always want what is best for her.  I cherish the friendship we share and want her to know how truly grateful I am for the role she plays in my life.

Anna — I saved the mushy stuff for your card but I want you to know that you are truly beautiful, inside and out.  You are smart, quick-witted, generous, hard-working, hilarious and tender-hearted to a fault. You can make anyone smile with your infectious laugh and energy.  We’ve seen each other through a LOT in the past 24 years and I know you will always be there to support me.  You know the same is true for me: I will always be here to give you advice you don’t ask for 😉 as well as offer a patient ear when you do ask for it.  Thank you for laughing at my jokes louder than anyone, being my partner in crime at every wedding, and tolerating my quirky ways day in and out!  You know me in a way that no one else can.  I love you SO much, sitter!  Praying that this year is your very best yet — a year of personal growth in every arena.  xoxo

Now for everyone’s amusement and enjoyment, here are some favorite pics of us through the years…

Introducing Miss Anna!  🙂

Pretty sure Anna still makes this face…

Clearly I began doting on her at a very young age.  🙂

In Korea back in ’88…

Headed to church!  My dress is rad.  Why is Anna wearing a pink puffy vest with a navy blue dress??  She’s too young to blame.  🙂

CHEEEEEESE!  We still love being twins.

Because it’s my blog, I’m taking the liberty of skipping our awkward years entirely.  I mean… neither of us had awkward years.  🙂

Anna’s HS grad.  Erik and I were still dating in this pic!

My wedding day – August 6, 2005

Anna looking fab at a wedding we did at Casa Del Mar in July, 2009.  Later that night we were hit by a drunk driver and went to the ER — it was a night I will never, ever forget.  So thankful we were together that evening and that we were protected from serious injury.

Last year at Del’s 60th Birthday, captured by our friend Michael Norwood

We share a mutual love for Zankou Chicken.

Being goofy earlier this year at the shower of one our beloved brides…

With our “daddy-o” last weekend at San Pedro, indulging in our birthday tradition dinner!

Anna as captured by the fabulous Jasmine Star

Us on July 10, 2010 — captured by Adi of Next Exit Photography

I hope everyone had a marvelous Monday to kick off the week!  It’s already mid-September; someone pinch me!!  I am looking forward to a really incredible (feminine, romantic, ultra-luxe) wedding this weekend and have a lot of fun posts in the queue.  See you all again soon!

xoxo, Angel



  1. Love all the photos!

  2. *Pinch* lol… Love this post! You two look so cute!! Anna is cute as a button <3. I wish I had a sister who I can write mushy stuff to. Happy Birthday, Anna. May all your birthday wishes come true!


  3. awww happy birthday anna! i love the photos. SO fun to have a sister to grow up with! 🙂

  4. happy birthday to anna! you two were such adorable little ones and have become such stylish and great people 🙂

  5. The sisterly bond is precious, isn’t it? Happy Birthday, Anna! Such a sweet girl, with a beautiful smile.

  6. Happy birthday to Anna! You guys are the most beautiful sisters!

    On an unrelated note, now that Nikita is on the air, are you getting “You look like Maggie Q!” all the time? 🙂

    • hey s!! thank you — you are so sweet. 🙂 i have definitely heard that a few times (and much more back in college), but i don’t see it (despite my wishful thinking!!). we do share the freckles, though!!

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! You ladies are just stunning. Now I know you were actually born that way.

  8. happy birthday dollface! anna, i feel blessed to have met you and honored to share so many saturday’s with you. i absolutely adore you (and you, too, angel) and can’t wait for the many good times ahead. let’s celebrate sooooooon. i need to toast you for a year of great wisdom, growth and beauty ahead. xoxox

  9. Happy Birthday to your adorable sister! You and she are such a gorgeous pair. ❤

  10. What a great post! Sisters are the best – no one can ever take their place and the bond is indescribable!

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