Posted by: loveandsplendor | January 8, 2011

adieu 2010 & bienvenue 2011! {goals & decisions}

Hello and Happy New Year, everyone!!  After stripping our magnificent Christmas tree of its finery today, I think it’s finally time for me to welcome in the new year and bid adieu to the holiday season of 2010.  Our tree is STILL living (and hasn’t shed at all yet…  We seem to have the magic touch when it comes to picking hearty Christmas trees!) so it seems like such a shame to toss him curbside tomorrow.  Discarding the Christmas tree is what truly signals a year’s end in my mind.  To give 2010 one last hurrah, I want to share a few special memories from the past amazing year.

In 2010 I…

-Styled the very first StyleLab workshop (the brainchild of amazing photographer Chenin Boutwell and bloggers extraordinaires, The Wedding Chicks) amidst the wildest weather I’ve EVER seen in southern California.

-Brought on Michelle as an assistant!  Hands down the best thing I did for my business in 2010 ❤  Love you, Michie!!

With our rad & beloved friend Nate of The Image is Found, in the Smilebooth at our last wedding of 2010!

-Planned & coordinated 26 amazing weddings with my brilliant team.  (MANY of them are still yet-to-be-blogged, so there is lots of gorgeousness in store very soon!)

Threw a baby shower for my best friend

-Met the new babies of many other friends (Can you say baby boom???  It’s seriously in the water..)

-Made new, meaningful, cherished friendships with vendors & clients

-Fell truly, madly, deeply in love with Tokyo

hiding behind a ginkgo leaf in harajuku

-Designed and styled a wedding in Taipei

the tiniest sneak peek!  TONS to come…  (stunning hairpiece by my dear friend myra of twigs & honey)

-Was immensely blessed.  🙂

And now, it’s time to look forward!  Here are a few of the simple “goals and decisions” I have for 2011:

In 2011 I will…

-Read through the Bible chronologically.  It’s not my first time reading the Bible cover-to-cover systematically, but it is the first time I’ve done it with the chronological reading plan.  It’s crazy because you don’t even start the New Testament until October, but I am enjoying it so far.  🙂  Best way to start the day.

-Read at least one book a month (This month it’s Nothing to Envy: Ordinary Lives in North Korea by Barbara Demick.  I can’t put it down!!)

-Visit at least 3 cities I’ve never seen before.  One is coming up very quickly…  the other two are still yet to be determined.  🙂

-Extend the reach of my business.  🙂  More on this later, but exciting things are ahead for Love and Splendor!

-Learn to make perfect macarons.  I know that it will take a lot of practice, but my ultimate goal is to be able to hone my macaron-making skills by Christmas 2011 and give them away as sweet stocking stuffers.  We’ll see how successful I am with this one.  There’s always Paulette if my efforts fall flat… LOL

-Take on fewer than 20 weddings.  I am not sure what my ceiling/cap number will be, but I am purposing to bring down my limit overall as I desire to devote even more time to the treasured clients I take on.  I have always been about quality vs. quantity (in every situation), but I’ve been blessed to have a large quantity of quality clients for the past 5 years.  🙂  I look forward to pouring myself into the weddings I have this year, pushing the creative envelope and stretching myself as a designer.

-Attend my high school reunion 🙂 and love it.

-Visit Berkeley + SF and revel in the nostalgia.  I want to fall asleep in the sunshine on Memorial Glade, walk around campus sipping boba from Sweethearts, duck into my “secret” spot on campus and read a book, traipse around Union Square and linger over dinner at Farallon…  Although I’m a soCal girl through and through, I miss NorCal fiercely these days.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!  My plans include some exciting consultations and an ultra fancy family dinner.  I love any excuse to dress up, so I can’t wait!  As always, thank you for stopping by.  I am deeply grateful for all of your love, support, and encouraging comments.  Looking forward to sharing much more with you this year.  xoxo

smiling at the future, Angel



  1. those are great goals! i think 2011 will be the best year yet! excited to see what the future holds for you my dear.

  2. Angel, I just finished reading Nothing to Envy. Such an emotional book. If you haven’t read Unbroken (by Laura Hillenbrand) I think you would find it inspirational.
    🙂 Happy new year!

    • hi christina! thank you for the recommendation; i will definitely check it out! i will probably finish up Nothing to Envy this week.. xox

  3. my first thought is that it’s been such a pleasure being a part of this past year with you!! i can’t wait to see what 2011 brings event of love and splendor. let’s also make sure to add crafts to 2011, too!! i want to bring my sewing machine over so we can get, well, crafty!!! xoxoxoxoxo 🙂

  4. I just discovered your blog from a friend who shared it with me… and i must say, I am in LOVE with your work! You have truly inspired envy in me 🙂 I can’t wait to read more!

  5. I’m lucky that I get to go up to SF a few times a year for work but sadly, I never have time to venture outside the immediate downtown area. Like you, Rob & I would LOVE to take a few days to visit and head over to our old stomping grounds in the East Bay — 4th Street and Tacubaya, fried chicken and waffles at 900 Grayson, pizza at Zachary’s — the list goes on and on. 😉 Anyway, I hope you’ll get the chance to visit NorCal soon! I miss it something fierce too.

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