Posted by: loveandsplendor | March 10, 2011

anna’s not getting married – {the facts}

Hello everyone!  The title of this post sums it up: the topic of today’s blog entry is not a cheery one (at first glance, anyway).  Since we shared the news of Anna’s engagement with all of you (in a blog post a bit over a week ago, now deleted), we felt similarly obliged to share with all of our beloved readers + friends that Anna has now called that engagement off.

As you can imagine, Anna is still dealing with the emotional repercussions of this situation and would prefer not to chat about this in person.  So, she asked me to write a brief and succinct post letting you all know the facts of what happened.  And then, we move on.  🙂

  • Late last week, Anna discovered that J had been lying to her throughout their entire relationship.  It was a lie that extended into many areas of his life.
  • J’s lie(s) directly impacted Anna and were also spread to his family, our family, etc.
  • Anna decided to call off the wedding and break things off with J.

As I mentioned at the start of this post, the topic of calling off an engagement is not exactly what you’d expect (or frankly, want) to read about on my blog.  But because we have been so overwhelmed with the excitement of our readers, fellow vendors, friends and clients in the wake of announcing Anna’s engagement, we wanted to find the easiest “blanket” approach to giving everyone the news.  Although Anna has been rising above all of this with wonderful grace and strength, you can imagine how difficult it is when a sweet client or friend tells her, “Congratulations!!” on the now-defunct engagement.

Any of you who know Anna know this: she is a vivacious, sassy, beautiful and generous woman who will make it through all of this.  Although I started out this post saying the topic was not that cheery, I would go as far as saying that this broken engagement is the best thing to happen to Anna this year.  We could’ve done without the painful experience, but we trust and know that the Lord is using this to strengthen Anna.  We are SO grateful that Anna was able to uncover this now, and not in two months time when the severed relationship would have many more complications.

Thanks again for all of your love and support for Anna during this time.  If you feel so inclined to leave a comment, I know your encouraging words will mean the world to my sis.  🙂

P.S. I’ll be back soon with a more typical post.  😉  See you then!

xoxo, Angel



  1. I’m so sorry this happened! Anna is so beautiful, sweet, and dynamic– she deserves an, honest man who is truly worthy of her. Please give Anna huge hugs from me! xoxo

  2. Anna, you are absolutely doing the right thing – be strong, and trust that you’ll come out of this even stronger, because you will. Calling off a wedding is hard, but it’s still easier and less heartbreaking than entering into a marriage under false pretenses.

    My heart is with you, dear!

  3. Anna, I’m so sorry that you have to deal with this but you know what? I commend you for having the strength to do what was right. So many women (and men) lack that strength and delude themselves into thinking that things will get better or worse, in effort to save face for the wedding that lasts for a day. Marriage is a lifetime commitment. During this period, it may not look like it now but you saved yourself from years of heartache.

    Good luck and keep your head up high.

  4. you will see that as the days go by life goes on and you will be better, wiser and stronger because of all of this. i am very proud of you for taking this step, anna. i love you, dearly. xox, m

  5. Oh, no! I’m so glad Anna discovered this now, rather than later. All the best to Anna, you, and your family.

  6. Love you Anna Banana!! I’m thinking about you, dear!

  7. anna, i am so sorry to hear that you are going through this difficult moment. although i trust that the lord does not put any burden upon us that we cannot bear. and uncovering the truth was god’s way of protecting you from future pain if you found out later on down the line. i know you will emerge from this situation a much stronger person! here is a big virtual hug from me!!!

  8. Oh, sweet Anna. I am so sorry to hear that you are going through all of this. Angel said it beautifully- God surely is going to use this for good in your life. I am praying for you!

  9. In the short time I’ve gotten to know you both, Angel and Anna, I’ve been struck by how generous and kind and sincere you both are. No one should have to go through something like this, Anna— your strength and courage in making this decision is so commendable. I’m so glad you have your sister, friends, and family during this time. Hang in there! I know there will be even more love and happiness in your future.

  10. I’m so sorry to hear about what happened to Anna, but this just means that there are bigger and better things ahead for her! *hug*

  11. thank you to both of you for your honesty in addressing this publicly. i can only imagine how difficult the situation is but what an encouragement it is to see both you handle it with grace and love. God will bring a wonderful, godly, perfect man in His time into your life, sweet anna. may you continue to live wholeheartedly for Him and may God bless you and your family during this time… xoxoxo

  12. anna IS incredibly vivacious, sassy, and beautiful. i can’t wait to see what God has in store for her. i’m so proud of her for making this incredibly hard decision, and know that she will be all the stronger for it. but i want her to know it’s ok to grieve for a while, and to rely on family and friends to get through this ordeal. life’s lessons are best learned in the dark valleys, and it’s best to let yourself walk through them as long as you need to. praying for you all!

  13. sweet anna, continuing to pray for you! for continued comfort and peace and joy knowing that the Lord is watching over you and protecting you! hope to see you again soon! xoxo

  14. anna you are truly beautiful and exquisite. you only deserve the best and the best is worth waiting for. the God of the impossible has your ideal guy in mind. keep going and spreading your infectious smile! yOU’RE DYNAMITE!

    all my love,

  15. Anna, things will get better. Be strong! Love you.


  16. Anna is such a beautiful and kind young woman that only better and brighter things will come out of this. Find the strength and more beauty will be right around the corner. xoxo

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