Posted by: loveandsplendor | April 12, 2011

random snaps from april ’11

Hello everyone!  How is it nearly mid-April??  I have been extremely busy for the past few weeks, gearing up for a swirl of spring weddings coming up.  I love getting to see my darling clients for various meetings — there is truly a lot of loveliness in store this year!!  I am one of “those people” who always carries a camera, and while it isn’t fancy and I am no photographer, I love snapping random photos as I go through my day.  I thought my latest upload of images would make an interest chronicling of the last two weeks, so here it is!  😉

a lovely line-up of tulips at saddlerock ranch in malibu

satisfying a korean food craving on a lunch date with my mom

a manicure that looks like the night sky: OPI lincoln park after midnight topped with CG disco dazzle topcoat.

“the best of both worlds” – brioche french toast and pancakes with berries at a sweet breakfast at larchmont bungalow with my sweeter friend, jules. (psst – she makes THE cutest baby books i’ve ever seen, so if you are looking for something non-cheesy and totally custom, check out her etsy shop!)

sending off a finished save-the-date for one of my full-planning/design clients. yes — this is a SAVE THE DATE and not an invite, and was sent in a box to over 200 very lucky recipients.  it all started as a sketch i drew impromptu during a Skype brainstorm, and with the help of my in-house graphic designer (more on her soon!!!), we were able to put this GORGEOUS piece of stationery together.  i hope to share these in further detail with you in a future post~

anna *finally* convinced me to try five guys with her.  my burger was delicious, but still paled in comparison to my beloved in-n-out (which i have had nearly every Sunday for the past 15+ years).  my ultimate favorite burgers, however, are from umami, father’s office, and barney’s gourmet hamburger (NOT to be confused with barney’s beanery).

I hope you all have a fantastic remainder of the week!  My major tasks before the weekend: a floral mockup and rentals meeting with a sweet June bride (hi M!!), a site visit, and a brainstorming session with a full planning/design client who will be wed this November.  I also need to finalize prep for my 2nd trip to NM (next week!).  I am so excited to be working on a wedding there — everything is shaping up to be INCREDIBLE.

See you all again soon!  xoxo, Angel



  1. I love your sister’s nails!!!! 🙂 🙂

  2. i love this post! pretty pretty nails, and any mention of barney’s burgers just brings me to a happier place.

    • thanks lovely~ i tried to go dark with my nails and chickened out, so i put glitter on it to make it less emo. 😉

  3. such a fun post =)

    and apparently NM is getting popular bc i have a coworker getting married there this fall too!

    ps: larchmont bungalow: 😦

    • eek on larchmont bungalow! luckily we were a-ok. 🙂 that is cool about your coworker being wed in NM!

  4. You MUST try the burger at Tavern! It is a super traditional burger, no crazy toppings or anything, but it is insanely good. Unfortunately for our wallets, it’s located directly behind our apartment and we’re constantly tempted to go over there and split one. (The fries are great too, and I die for their homemade pickle slices).

  5. Such a fun post!!! If you love burgers, you MUST try 25 degrees restaurant at the Roosevelt hotel in Hollywood. Their burgers are delicious and their sides (especially the onion rings) are to die for!!

  6. I love these daily life posts, they’re so fun. 🙂 They involve such yummy food, which is always a good thing! 🙂 Glad you’re going well!

  7. oooh that burger looks soooo tasty right now!

  8. Lowell loves Umami too! He is trying to make a pact with me to go once a week, but Im trying to look good in my wedding dress! Geez!

    • lol!! You are already gorgeous; I’d take Lowell up on that pact! The three of us should go before the wedding! xo

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