Posted by: loveandsplendor | December 8, 2010

Tokyo Travels – Part 4 (Tokyo DisneySea)

Hello everyone!!  I am excited to bring you a look at day 2 in our adventures at the Tokyo Disneyland Resort…. this time at their unique (and stunning) park, DisneySea. As you could probably surmise, the park has a water theme to it.  Distinct regions are called “ports” and each one is more grand and detailed than the next.  We had a great time here, but agreed that the park was more visually impressive than it was intrinsically amusing.  Enjoy!

Venice or Tokyo DisneySea?

gorgeous paths and “backroads” winding around every corner

Two fabulous restaurants take residence inside the ship

Looks like Agrabah over there…

I loooved this wall with its brightly colored buoys.  My friends know I have a love for all things nautical, Cape Cod-inspired, etc.

This is the water-version of Pooh’s Hunny Hunt… no track!

Disney couldn’t make a water-themed amusement park without a tribute to the Little Mermaid!  They had a cool indoor area called Triton’s Kingdom that was designed & lit to look like you were under the sea.  🙂

Their Tower of Terror looks about 10x cooler than ours.  They also have a totally different story line, and the building is called “Hotel Hightower,” supposedly in New York, rather than the Hollywood Tower Hotel.

It’s not a day in Tokyo Disney without some flavored popcorn.  Here: milk tea flavored popcorn!!  Yum!  See the adorable bear icon on the sign?  This points to another Tokyo Disney-ism I alluded to in my last post…

If Mickey rules the Magic Kingdom, Duffy reigns supreme at DisneySea.  People are… OBSESSED with Duffy the DisneyBear.  You may have seen him at our California Adventure park in recent months.  They’ve imported him from Tokyo (where he’s been huge for years), hoping he’ll attract the same fanbase.  We took videos all day of people WEARING and carrying around 4, 5, 6!!!! Duffys.  It was hilarious.  Pictured above is the “Duffy Store” in DisneySea… the only place you can get all things Duffy at the Tokyo Disney Resort.  Yes, people are standing in a crazy line in the middle of the day to get their Duffy fix.  🙂

Duffy-mania!  You can’t see but one of these girls already has three Duffys in her shopping basket…and is eyeing another.

And that’s all for today!  🙂  I thought it was so interesting to observe the nuances and quirks of the Tokyo Disney Resort and am glad we were able to check it off “our list” of Disney Resorts.  Left on the list:  Hong Kong Disneyland Resort + Disneyland Paris. They are also working on a Disney Resort in Shanghai, set to open in 2014!

I’ll return before the week’s end to bring you another post… either Tokyo Travels – Part 5 (the final installment!), or a sneak peek at what I’ve been working on lately.  Next week: some press, a wedding feature, Taipei Travels and a fun post on how to plan a shower!  Chat again soon~  Thanks for stopping by!!





  1. duffy who? that’s hilarious!

  2. craaazy! who is duffy?!

    also, is this all indoors?? or was the sky actually that pretty??

    • hey bethany! can you believe the sky was that gorgeous? our two days at the tokyo disney resort were two of the most beautiful weather-days of our trip.

  3. the buildings and location at disneysea look so real. and i agree with bethany, the sky is so pretty!!

  4. Thanks for the posting—I’ve enjoyed reading about your travels overseas. I had to reread because I had ass-umed you wrote Daffy (my mind was in a muddle over Daffy the Bear who—alas, Daffy didn’t become a bear after all). Looking forward to your shower post as I will soon be planning one for my sis.

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