Posted by: loveandsplendor | February 22, 2008

shannon & stephen – 6.30.07 [part 3]

it’s finally time to finish this lovely series of photos from the beautiful wedding of s&s!

you’ve already seen how creative and fun this wedding was. but, shannon & stephen’s wedding date was extra special due to the fact that there was a full moon that evening. it was known as a “full strawberry moon,” or “rose moon.” {curious? learn more here.} whatever you want to call it, the moon was absolutely glorious that evening and it bestowed a wonderful glow on the festivities below. guests enjoyed a very sweet ending to this gorgeous celebration.

the grand entrance of the bride and groom was heralded by a dashing young trumpeter. 😉

their first dance (to corinne bailey rae’s “just like a star”) was magical. their custom gobo looked fabulous on their sleek white dance floor.

perfect projection

dinner is served!

guests who explored the property after dinner had their choice of:

…lounging poolside. the pool lights change colors. 🙂

…hamming it up in the vintage photobooth. my personal fave!

…slipping away for some romance, like these two lovebirds…

…or basking in the glow of the aforementioned spectacular moonlight! can you believe that golden orb is the moon??

a slideshow made a lovely accompaniment to dessert before the dancing began.

this pic sums things up quite well! the dance floor was packed!

a picture perfect kiss set off some sparks!

what a splendid evening. i loved reminiscing with these photos, and i hope you enjoyed this closer peek at one of my weddings. 😉 have a terrific weekend!

[vendor roundup]

we had some amazing people working on this event!



  1. the lighting was amazing! i so look forward to every post on your blog!! keep them coming!! 🙂

  2. it looks so fun!

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